Monday, April 26, 2010

The Journey & Prize of my B2V weekend . . . .

I'm back from my crazy road trip and what a weekend and week it has been. It's funny but I nearly didn't participate this year, but our team captain convinced me to join the team again because they needed experienced support crew help and so I did. And to be honest, I enjoy my B2V friends and the whole idea of racing through the California and Nevada desert over a stretch of 120 miles and 20 legs. It's so obscenely crazy and yet a lot of fun at the same time! It turns out that we did really well and finished in 3rd place in our division. Whoo hoo!

And here are a few images of the crazy 24 hours . . . .

After running my first ever marathon, I wrote in my journal . . .

"I realized that the greatest achievements in life are found not necessarily in the final outcome itself, but in the journey . . . Training for and running in a marathon can in some ways mirror life."

Since then, I have come to realize and appreciate those words over and over and over again. In life we are all on a journey to something, someone or some experience waiting for us. And when we achieve those things or meet the people we're supposed to meet, I often reflect the most on how I got there. I look at our trophy mug with much appreciation and gratitude, but somehow what I remember the most are the smiles of my team mates, the strategy meetings, the disagreements and mistakes we had and made along the way, the frantic preparations, the cheers . . . And so I'm home now and I placed my mug on my trophy shelf to sit and be admired every now and then, but it's the memories of this remarkable journey that is the real prize and they will always be with me.

The rest of my trip went well...Vegas to me represents the land of indulgence and excess but it can be quite entertaining when you're there doing other things besides gambling, eating, dancing and drinking . . . but hey that can be fun too. :)

Did some walking . . .

Did some eating . . .

And some drinking . . .

Worked out at the gym . . .

And on the dance floor . . .

And a few of my co-workers came with me to see Purple Reign . . .


  1. I think you and your team deserve trophies filled and refilled with margaritas, K~ Congratulations on a herculean effort, for sure! I absolutely found such truth in the words of your journal - quite inspiring. The Boston marathon was two weekends ago. I marvel that anyone can endure that run - so kudos for you. It's amazing, isn't it, what a body, mind and soul can withstand and survive stronger? Glad to see you are back blogging! Just in time for AI tomorrow night was I will be away for the evening ... you'll need to keep us 'in the know'. m

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! Pretty cool that you got to see Purple Reign again. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Wow, Kathy, it looks like it must have been a great time -- but a pretty hot race, yikes!

    I know what you mean -- it sounds like a cliche to say that the fun is in the journey, not only the destination. But I suppose these phrases become cliches because they are so true!

    What does B2V stand for?

  4. Thanks so much for your comments everyone...

    M, thanks so much for your comments. One of our team mates from last year couldn't do it this year because of the conflict with the Boston Marathon. I'm in the 12 minute pace so am not fast enough to run a leg :) but am happy to always support the team as one of the catchers which is what I did. I also admire people who have such passion for what they do whether it be running or other things. Kudos to them. And yes AI tonight. I shall gladly watch it and write a recap to keep you all in the know. :)

    Hi Annie, yes thanks so much for your comments. It was a lot of fun. And I was so happy I got to see Purple Reign and I didn't even have to drag the others with me. They all came willingly. :) But I'm so glad that they enjoyed themselves which I knew that they would. It's totally not the same as the real Prince but when the real Prince isn't touring this is as close as we can get. :) Hope you have a great week too!

    Hi Sandra, thanks so much for your comments. It was a great time and a hot race. Tempts reached 91, but luckily all of our runners hydrated and did really well. The journey cliche is one of my favorites, but as you said maybe because it is so true. And when it comes to travel experiences, I'd say the journey and destination are equally important.:)

    B2V stands for Baker to Vegas, which is the route of the race. Baker is in California and the route takes you through some amazing desert landscapes with elevations up to 4,000 + and then ends up in the Ballroom in the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas.

    Thanks again everyone for your comments. Hope you all have a great week.

  5. I'm glad you decided to go. Enoyed looking at your photos.

    Thought for a moment you really saw Prince! :)

    Thanks so much for your camera bag advice. I am sort of a bag addict (guess I should have added that to my list) but really don't want to start collecting that many more bags. Would rather spend the money or lenses, etc.

    What is the fabric like on the Lowepro Sling? Is it sort of rain resistant and thick or thin? Still may get it for beach and maybe hiking type of trips. Hoping I can find one in a store in town later this week. Hate having to shop online unless it is free shipping and return (and still that can be a pain). Again, thanks!

  6. Hi Girasoli, thanks so much for your comments.

    I've had my camera bag on 5 trips to Europe already and since buying it I have not found anything that I would like that could equal it until the Sling. I prefer a bag with a top load zipper opening rather than a flap because for some reason it is eaiser for me to access my camera. I've liked my original bag and it has served me well, but I just wanted something with a little more room for my personal stuff, guide book, water bottle etc. It was getting a little tight with my original bag. Another thing I like about this bag is that it can collapse and be packed away in my luggage. This would be helpful when I move from one town to the next as I normally would pack my camera bag in my carry on back pack which would be bulky with my camera bag in it. It's funny all the little things that we notice while traveling that would make things eaiser...

    Fabric is Outer fabric-Polyester Polymesh & Interior is Nylon Brushed Tricot Velcro. It feels a little stiff new but I've read reviews that say it will soften with use. I also like the expandable bag in case I make a purchase and don't want to carry another bag while sightseeing.

    I'm still not sure (given the demands of work this year) whether I will be able to take my usual November trip this year. I hope to and if I do I will give this bag a try and then write an official review. For now I can't say that I would overwhelmingly recommend it as I have not used it yet on an actual trip. The bag is a tad bigger than I would prefer but until I can find another bag out there with a top load zippler pocket and a little more extra space than my original camera bag this will have to do.:)

    Congrats again on your new camera and have fun with it.

  7. Hi Kathy,
    I love your quote that was written after running you first marathon--so very true. Sounds like the B2V was a blast. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for the bag description. I bought a Tamrac Sling on Thursday and am returning it :( Love the style but it is much too scratchy inside with all the velcro attachments.

    I think I have figured out a work around for the tiny side openings - I am laying one of those recyclable fabric bags over the top right under the flap. It seems to block the openings and when I take it to the beach, I am going to put it inside a second slightly larger bag I use for travel as a way to make sure to keep the sand out on the occasions when I take more than one lens with me.

    I guess once I travel around with it, I will be able to figure out the logistics a bit more. The good thing is that with REI, I can return it at any time if I don't like it. I of course would not return it after years of use, but if after a few times out, it does not work out, I can at least have the option of returning it.

    One of the things I love about the Crumpler is how soft it is inside.

    The Lowepro sling you have still is tempting to me as a possible second bag for alternate uses.

  9. Hi Maya, thanks so much for liking my quote. It's so cool that you can relate to it and also find it true for you. Finishing a challenge/race/project is great but after the whoo hoos and celebrations are done, I always seem to reflect the most on how I got to that point (the good and the not so good as it is all part of the experience). It's funny how that is. This year's B2V was a total blast. Glad you enjoyed reading about it.

    Hi G, REI is a great store and I'm glad that they have a great return policy going on. I shop there for travel stuff quite often and also enjoy their service and products. I think the Crumpler is an awesome bag and maybe I may check it out for myself too. I look forward to reading more about your experiences with it as you start to take it out for a test drive with your new camera. Personally, I very rarely hold my camera outside of my bag unless I'm shooting a sports event where continuous shoots are required or when I'm sightseeing while traveling and want to be extra prepared for a good shot.

    I was photographing a 5K race once and actually tripped and fell holding my camera and I remember holding my camera up sacraficing my limbs to keep it safe from damage. Can you imagine? I'm a nut. So I can relate to your quest in finding the perfect bag to fit your needs...Hope the crumpler works out for you. Enjoy your new camera and I look forward to seeing your photos.

    Thanks so much Maya and Girasoli for your comments. Have a great week.

  10. Sounds like a fun trip! I love Vegas too - I miss it!

  11. Hi Nancy, thanks so much for your comments. It was a great trip. And yes, Vegas can definitely be fun . . .


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