Saturday, January 2, 2010

PhotoHunt: Lick

Happy New Year!

"Highland cattle or kyloe are an ancient Scottish breed of beef cattle with long horns and long wavy pelts which are coloured black, brindled, red, yellow or dun." ~ Wikipedia

I took this photo on the Isle of Skye in the Highlands of Scotland this last November. After visiting the Dunvegan Castle I took a side road just to explore and I stumbled across a group of beautiful Highland cows.

They are gorgeous animals. I first learned of these beautiful animals from a postcard that AnnieNC posted on her blog. It's a very cute story! Another Slow Traveler (Andrew) identified the postcard as a Baby Highland Cow. This breed has a beautiful long coat which was intended to with stand the harsh Highland weather.

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  1. Indeed, those are gorgeous animals.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you too Eden! I agree, they are totally gorgeous animals. They don't move very much but they are so fun to watch with their long bangs...I was so happy when I looked through my trip photos and found one that I could choose for this week's theme! :)

    Have a great day today!

  3. I had a feeling that I would see a Highland cow today. ;) Nice shot with the tongue. They are quite beautiful and I bet the long coats keep them warm in the Highlands.

  4. WHY am I NOT surprised that a cow would be in your post this week! I called this to myself last night when I saw the subject matter. Chuckles, m

  5. Oh my gosh I love those cows! The hamish Macbeth series has one at the beginning of the credits. :)

    Happy New Year!!

  6. Very cool picture, Kathy! And so appropriate for the "lick" theme! You made me homesick for Scotland.

  7. Kathy, what a great shot of that cow licking her lips (or muzzle, or whatever cows' mouths are called) She looks spectacular!

    It also looks like a pretty windy day, there's a breeze parting the hair on her derriere! Yet, it doesn't disturb her bangs. Fascinating!

    I so enjoy your Highland cow photos!

  8. LOL - great shots of truly incredible animals.

    Have a wonderful 2010!

  9. Perfect photo for the theme this week! Very cool :) I love it!

  10. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your comments...

    Marta, your feeling was right on. :) I love their beautiful caramel long coats too and since they didn't seem phased by the cold and wind like I was, their long natural coats works really well for them. :)

    M, :) When I first saw Lick I'm not surprsied that I made a B line for my Highland Cow photos too and low and behold I had about 4 shots that I could pick from for this theme. :)

    Leslie, I love these cows too. How cool that the Hamish Macbeth series has one at the begnning. I need to check out the series soon.

    Deborah, thanks for liking my photo. I thought of my Highland cows as soon as I saw the theme and was very lucky to find some shots to choose from. I miss Scotland too...

    Sandra, glad you liked the photo! I think it is a great shot too. I watched them for a really long time so I had a bunch of photos to choose from and was lucky to find one licking her lips (or muzzle--I'm not sure what they are called on cows too). I noticed the same thing with the wind, it was blowing away on her body but her bangs were so still...I kind of need my bangs to stay still too on windy days, so I wonder what her secret was. :)

    Candi, I highland cows are very adorable. :)

    Jerry, I think they are incredible too! Beautiful and incredible.And so Scottish. Have an awesome 2010 too!

    Girasoli, glad you liked my photo! I love my Highland cows too. :)

    Thanks again everyone! I'm glad you liked my Highland cow. :) I like her too! Enjoy the remainder of the Holiday weekend everyone!

  11. Love the first photo. They really are seriously beautiful animals! Hope to see a real one myself someday.

  12. Awesome! I love your cow photos and am so glad that you found them on your trip. Perfect "lick" shot!

  13. Hi Anne, thanks for liking my photo! I hope that you'll get to see them in person too one day soon...I have a feeling you'll love them as much as I do.

    Hi Annie, glad you like my does look like a very fine lick! :)

  14. I just saw this out on Yahoo and thought you might like it.

    Good thing it didn't now when you were there.

  15. Hi Marta, wow thanks for that link. That is such a cool and funny shot! Poor thing had to work through the snow to get to the grass...he/she looks really beautiful even with snow on his lips and horns. Thank you so much for sharing that link Marta. I enjoyed it so much and it made me smile remembering my trip again...

    And yes, I agree, good thing it didn't snow while I was there. I would've been having to stand in the two feet of snow waiting photographing my pretty Highland Cows and sheep. :)

    Have a great weekend!


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