Friday, January 15, 2010

PhotoHunt: Jiggly

This was a common scene while driving along the single track roads in the Highlands of Scotland (specifically the Isle of Skye).

I took this photo of the very cute, fluffy and jiggly behinds of a group of Scottish sheep making their way to somewhere down the road . . .

I smile everytime I think of them strolling along the side or across the road while I went exploring. And in case you missed it, here's a clip from my Trotternish Peninsula travel video: Jiggly

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  1. Kathy, those sheep DO look very cute, fluffy and very jiggly! I love it!

    Great photo. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi Leslie, thanks so much for liking my photo! It's one of my favorite sheep photos .

    Hi Sandra, I love it too! :) makes me smile everytime I see this photo. I really miss seeing them....those cute, fluffy, jiggly .... Thanks so much for liking my sheep. :)

    Thanks so much for comments Leslie & Sandra. Have a great weekend. It's a nice long 4- day weekend for me. Yay!

  3. Kathy,
    What a great photo for the theme! I love these sheep! They look so cute and jiggly.

    Happy Friday!

  4. Hi Candi, thanks so much for liking my photo. I love my fluffy, jiggly and very cuteScottish sheep too. :)

    Happy Friday to you too! Have a great weekend ...

  5. They are so cute - love your photo! Perfect for jiggly.

    I'm skipping PH this weekend because one of my nephews is here and I haven't had time to look for anything (all I could think of was jello and I don't have any photos of that). Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Julie, thanks so much for your comments. I think they are cute too! :)

    Hi Annie, thanks so much for liking my jiggly sheep photo. :). How cool that you have one of your nephews for the weekend. This cute little group of sheep were one of the first ones I saw during my trip and I was so excited that I almost chased them down the road , but I didn't want to get busted for trespassing or anything so I settled for of them walking away. Who knew that this photo would come in handy for a PH theme. Ha ha! Have a greY weekend too!

  7. I am imagining the jiggles made by those sheep. :)

  8. Kathy, even without the video I could imagine the sheep's behinds jiggling away. The video was a nice touch.

  9. This is one of my favorite photos for jiggly! Great take and a fantastic photo!

  10. Hi everyone, thanks so much for liking my cute, fluffy, jiggly sheep. :)

    Eden, these sheep were very cute! :)

    Maya, most of the time they were just standing around eating which was cute already, but when I saw them walking it was even cuter. :) I smile everytime I think of waiting for them to cross the road.

    Girasoli, thanks for liking my take...I just had to give my highland sheep equal attention from my Highland cows.... :)

    Thanks so much everyone. Have a great Sunday...

  11. LOL! Great idea for the theme and quite appropriate...m

  12. Beautiful shot! I had trouble thinking about an appropriate jiggly thing - nicely done! LOL

  13. Hi M & Jerry, thanks so much for your comments and for liking my photo...

    M, glad you liked it. I thought it would make a good jiggly photo too! :)

    Jerry, thanks for liking my photo. I was so happy to see a theme that I could feature my cute and fluffy Scottish sheep in . . . :)

    Thanks again M & Jerry. Have a great day today!

  14. Kathy, I love your jiggly, fluffy Scottish sheep! They are awfully cute. I'm sure they bring lovely memories of your trip.

    Thanks for posting the video. Makes me want to have my very own Scottish sheep.

  15. Hi Maria, thanks so much for liking my cute, fluffy and jiggly scottish sheep. I do have my souvenir sheep, but it's just not the same as seeing them strolling by . . . :) I think they are so cute too.

    Glad you liked my photo Maria. Have a wonderful evening!

  16. Yep, definitely very jiggy from behind. They do look so cute and fluffy.

  17. Hi Marta, thanks so much for liking my cute, fluffy and nicely jiggly sheep. I just loved seeing them along the road. Kept me very entertained while driving from one end of the island to the other . They were more prominent on the Trotternish Peninsula which is probably why that part of the Isle was my favorite. That, and the amazing landscape. :)


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