Saturday, January 23, 2010

Isn't She Lovely: Meet Elizabeth . . . .

I am so happy to introduce a sweet and gentle 2 year-old Tabby cat named, Elizabeth.

She is a very gentle cat and so beautiful. She looks so much like Annie's Lulu.

I met her and her current parents this afternoon and as soon as I saw her she melted my heart. I finished the adoption paperwork, but Elizabeth won't come home to live with me until next Saturday after she is weaned off of her medication. She was not happy in her current home because there were too many siblings (1 dog and 4 other cats). She needs to be a one and only cat to a proud and lucky owner...that would be me! :)

I found her from Petfinder and a non-profit local group of dedicated volunteers called People and Cats Together (PACT).

Thank you so much everyone for all of your support and encouragements.


  1. Oh Kathy, she IS beautiful! What a sweet face. You're right, she does look like Lulu. She looks slightly distressed though, guessing that's because of the situation in her current home. It does sound like quite the crowded family, definitely not the spot for a quiet, gentle kitty! She is lucky to have you for her owner (although with cats, sometimes hard to say who owns who! lol)

    Congratulations, my friend!! I'm so thrilled for you!!! :)

  2. Oh Kathy I wish you could see the big smile on my face when I read the title of this post. Elizabeth is so beautiful! Such sweet face. I love her markings and her gorgeous big eyes. She is a very lucky kitten and you are going to be such a great human for her.

    I’m very excited for you and looking forward to Saturday and hearing more about her.

    Congratulations! I feel like an auntie to Elizabeth.

  3. Congratulations, Kathy! I'm so happy for you and for Elizabeth, who looks adorable.

    I can't wait to hear more about her and see more photos.

    I know you've been planning such an adoption for some time, and I'm so glad to hear that it's all coming together.

  4. I am SO happy for you and also for the beautiful Elizabeth! She has got the sweetest, most endearing little face. I am just so glad that it all worked out and can't wait until you can bring her home next weekend. Congratulations!!!!!

  5. She is beautiful. She is going to be a sweetheart. And you are great to adopt a cat instead of a kitten and give her a much better home.

  6. Hi Anne, Maria, Sandra, Annie, thank you so much for your wonderful comments about Elizabeth. I do have to agree with all of them. :)

    Anne, you're right poor little thing has been distressed at her home for awhile and also we were in Petco and there were these loud noises just outside of the room we. Were in and she started to get fidgity. I snapped her photo fast so they can put her back in her carrier. She Does seem like a gentle cat. Thank you so much. I feel very lucky to have her. Thank you so much for saying that I w

    Maria I'm glad that Elizabeth made you smile. I smile just thinking of her and her gentle soul. I can't wait to bring her home next week. I' m going to be a great human to her. I will do my very best to give her a good and loving home for her.

    Sandra thank you so much . Yes it's been a long time coming but she is so worth the wait. It's like it was meant to be. I'm so glad you think she is adorable , I'd have to agree with you. ;)

    Annie, thanks so much for being so supportive and I think she has a very endearing face too. Thanks so much too gor all of your wonderful tips . I can't wait for elizath to come home next Saturday. It going to be an exciting day for sure.

    Thank you so much everyone for all of your suupot and encouragements andd thank you so much for liking Elizabeth. I'll make sure she knows she has a lit of virtual aunts and cousins and blogging friends out there so she is a very lucky girl !

    Have a nice evening everyone!

  7. She's adorable and very lucky to have found you! Best of luck to you and Elizabeth. Congrats here too. m

  8. Me again sorry for all my typos but I'm on my liitlle iPhone keyboard

    Maria I meant to say ... Thank you so much for saying that I will be a great human to Elizabeth . I re read my comments and went le oops. :) because it read I am going to be a great human to her. Which sounded kind of over confident. :) I hope that I will tho!

    Uh oh the low battery warning went on for the second time ;). Thank youso much everyone.

  9. Kathy, I am so thrilled for you and for Elizabeth to be going to such a wonderful loving home. She is beautiful. Congratulation! Can't wait til next week when you are able to bring her home.

  10. Oh Kathy, she is so beautiful and her eyes are so sweet! I am so excited for you! And for Elizabeth for finally getting a home all to herself! Wonderful news!

  11. Kathy I'm so happy you both have found each other. She is a sweet sweet cat with such a nice face. I'm sure she will be in heaven in her new home. Lucky two of you! Have fun.

  12. Awww, Kathy, Elizabeth is so beautiful!

    I know you will be so happy together.

  13. Ahhh, congratulations here too! She will be one very happy and grateful kitten with you, I'm sure. She is a cutie..m

  14. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments about Elizabeth...

    Marta, thanks. I decided given the long hours away from the house, I thought that an older cat would be better for me. I wouldn't feel so bad leaving her. I'm told that she has a really easy personality.

    Girasoli, thanks for the congrats. I'm thrilled also and I look forward to bringing her home.

    Candi, yes I love her sweet eyes too and I'm very excited as well and looking forward to next week for her arrival.

    Barb, I think she is a sweet cat too. She really is gentle and I'm hoping she loves her new home.

    Nancy, thanks for saying she is beautiful. I'm happy and I hope she will be too.

    M, I feel so lucky to have found her and I hope that she will be happy in my home. Thanks for saying that she is a cutie! I think so too. :)

    Thanks so much everyone. I really appreciate your kind and enthusiastic comments about Elizabeth. I'm very happy to have found her and I hope she is happy in her new home. Of course, yesterday I went shopping for her little room. That was fun. :)

  15. She is a beaut!! I am sure she will be a great companion and bring you lots of joy. I like the name of the non-profit group that you used to find your new pet!
    I've always wanted a cat, but it just doesn't work out with all of our travels and moving around.

  16. Hi Maya, thanks so much for your kind comments about Elizabeth. I think she is a beaut too and I hope to provide her with a happy home.

    Yes, I can see how having a pet would be challenging for you at this point...maybe there will be a right time in the future.

    Thanks again for your comments and have a great day today.

  17. How cool that she has her own little room! Hope it's a sunny spot, don't cats LOVE to loll about in the sun patches on the floor!?! (Ok I confess I do too, but shhh...)

    I'm sure you had fun shopping for her, there are so many neat cat toys and comfy looking beds and stuff.

    Hope you are having a great week!!

  18. Hi Anne, yes I will start her out in my guest room first where there is a nice window with lots of warm sun for her to look out watch my neighbors and then I will introduce her to the other rooms in the house. Her owner called me last night to let me know that she prefers the covered litter box over the open ones. I guess Elizabeth likes her privacy. I can understand. :) She also apparently only likes dry food and loves sleeping on towels. I still bought her this cute little bed though because I just couldn't resist. It was just so cute. But she can sleep whereever she feels comfortable. I saved this empty paper roll for her (Annie said Maria and Lulu likes those). I have her food and bowls and bed and will get her scratching boxes and tower and covered liter box on Friday. It's fun....I'm probably going to spoil her silly. :)

  19. Spoiling a cat is SUCH fun!

    Another good free toy that my girls love is an empty cardboard box. I put it on its side so they can get in like a little house.

    Good idea to start her in one room and then slowly let her branch out and explore. She will probably be a little freaked out at first (cats hate change!) but once she realizes she has a safe new home, she will blossom! I think you told me that you have an upstairs and a downstairs? It's probably a good idea to have a litter box on each floor once she has the run of the house. I ended up buying some extra litter boxes so that I can trade them out and clean the dirty ones later.

    I am SO excited for both of you!

  20. Hi Annie, yes I am beginnig to realize how fun it is. Now I can't tease my co-worker about she spoils her little dog, because I'm doing it too. :)

    Thanks for the additional tips. I do live in a two story house. I have a little bonus room on the bottom 3rd floor but I will close my door so she can run down there since it's a mess right now because I have plans to do a makeover on it.

    I like the cardboard box idea. I will save one for her to play with too. I was wondering about wheter I should put a liter box on both floors and you have answered that question for me. Thanks for the tip.

    Annie, I went to Costco and my store didn't have those climbing towers but I saw one that I liked at Pet Smart and will check it out this week. Maybe if I have time I'll visit Wal Mart. Maybe their prices are even better there.

    I may have additional questions once she comes. Her current owners are so nice too. They said I could call them anytime to ask for advice. They walked with me through the store when I met them last week and pointed out all the things she liked. I took a photo of the things so I'd know exactly what to get for her everytime I went shopping.

    She told me that Elizabeth is doing really well weaning off of her meds. They seem really happy for her that she is going to a home that she will be hopefully more happy in. They felt so sad for her. Actually, it makes me sad just thinking how sad she was....I just know I'm going to be the emotional needy one... :)

    Thanks so much Annie for all the tips. I have learned a lot from you. I'll have to do a special post of her arrival. :)

    Have a great day today.

  21. oops me again... Annie, on the 3rd floor, I meant to say I will have to close the door so she can't run down there and get hurt. I'm pulling out the carpet so I can put hard floors and I still have things that I have to send to Goodwill in boxes. I will probably ask them after they've seen my house what other things I might need to change so she doesn't get hurt. I've done some reorganizing but maybe they might see other things that I missed. I'm sure they wouldn't mind giving their opinions and taking a quick look. They seem pretty helpful...and they love Elizabeth so they wouldn't want her to get hurt either.

  22. Yes, I have this one junk room that I keep the door closed so the cats don't go in there. Sorry that your Costco didn't have those towers - you might want to wait and see if she acts like she likes to climb. LuLu likes to but Maria doesn't that much (Maria would rather jump) so I have this little half size tower with a scratching post on the bottom and a little cubby hole on top. It's only about 4 feet tall and Maria loves it.

    I wouldn't worry too much about her getting hurt. She won't be as into things as a crazy kitten would be. I had to train little Maria not to jump on the stove while I was cooking. Speaking of, last night I was cooking dinner and had a bowl of plain yogurt sitting out. I went in the other room and when I came back, the yogurt was gone (sneaky Maria had gotten it!).

    That is great that Elizabeth is doing well weaning off the meds. And yes, please do a post after her arrival!

  23. Hi Annie, that's funny. I would've guessed the opposite that Maria would climb rather than Lulu. I will probably get her a small 4 ft one like Maria's so she can have something for now and then observe her. I do have shelves and things that could tempt her which is why I put away any breakable things that are too dainty. I have another close by Costco,so I might go check them out. I think Costco sometimes changes quickly or if it is a popular item they will sell out on the item, so it is possible they did have them and ran out. The good news, is they may have more later. I'm in no hurry. I can get her the 4ft ones that Maria likes. I bet she'd like that too.

    They said that she does like warm sunny areas where she can look out the window so I have somewhere like that upstairs and downstairs. I think she will enjoy looking out from the down stairs becuase there is a big glass sliding door.

    Maria is so cute. She's just a fun buddle of energy isn't she. :)

    It'll be fun to see her personality as she makes her adjustment to her new home.

    Thanks Annie.

  24. Hi Kathy, I thought of something else you can spoil Elizabeth with. Trader Joe's has these cat treats called something like "Holistic Natural Feline Treats" - they are in a little bottle like spices come in. LuLu and Maria love those things (I've written before about how LuLu tries to open the drawer where I keep these treats!).

    Some of the treats in the grocery store are kinda like junk food, but these seem to be healthier treats (plus the girsl just go nuts for them!).

    Only a couple more days - I bet you are SO excited!!

    Happy Thursday!

  25. Hi Annie, cool! I remember reading your comments on ST and I thought it was so cute that Lulu loves them so much that she tries to open drawwer where you keep them. I'm definitely going to get them at TJ's when I get more of those scratch boards. I was at Kmart yesterday and bought a scratching tower just to start things out, until I can figure out if she's a climber. I also saw this really soft rug and bought that too just to lay it in the corner. I'll have to figure out what she likes to sleep on.

    Yes, I'm very excited for Saturday! Two more days is right. Thanks so much for the tip on the TJ treats. I'll let you know how she likes them and if she tries to open the drawers to get to them. :)

  26. How beautiful! I wish you many years of good company with her. This is written with Pyewacket helping me type.

  27. Trixie will get inside nay closed cardboard box. No matter how small it is!

    Mine also like getting into a paper bag.

    A ball of tin foil rolled up into a ball.

    A cork from a bottle.

    Pye has a collection of pipe cleaner toys. She fetches them and when I throw them she leaps up and retrieves them.

  28. Hi Leslie, thanks so much for your kind comments about Elizabeth and for those toy ideas. They are very helpful. Elizabeth says thank you to Pye too. :)

    I like the idea of a foil and I'm sure I might have a cork around somewhere...I'll have to look for those pipe clearner toys too.

    Thanks so much Leslie. Have a great day today.


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