Monday, January 4, 2010

After eating & drinking way too much over the holidays . . .

. . . I went back to doing several daily rounds on what I have affectionately nick named my outdoor Stairmaster! :) After a few of these, you can definitely feel the burn.

At least, I'm not the only one ...


  1. Hi Kathy, I was unconnected over the holidays I am now back on-line. I hope your holidays were wonderful and peaceful. We also did way too much eating and drinking, but the hiking helped balance it out a bit. Hope your week goes well.

  2. Hi Maya, I just read a recent post of yours and it sounds like you both had some interesting adventures over the Holidays. I'm looking forward to reading more about your fun experiences. My holidays went very well and I enjoyed spending time with my sis. There was a lot of food though, but luckily I have my Gym membership, my outdoors stairmaster and my ipod. :)

    Hoping your week is a good one too!

  3. Kathy,
    I feel the same way, really feel all I've been doing is just eat. I am so glad that the gym is less than a mile from the new home, this was always my biggest problem, getting to the gym, now I really don't have an excuse, and I started the year in the gym, so hopefully I can keep it up.

  4. Hi Candi, that's so cool that your gym is less than a mile from your new home. I am in the same boat. Both my gym and outdoor stairmaster is very close. The key for me is going out the door as soon as I come home from work before the destractions have a chance to settle in and to mix things up so I stay interested and motivated. :) I have a strong feeling you're going keep it up and more. And that will be a great motivator for me.

    Have a great evening!

  5. Ouch -- that looks like a killer workout! I've added extra weight-training since Christmas, but nothing is as tough as running stairs!

  6. Cool photo! I would like to see what is at the top of those stairs. Good for you!

    I am so often swallowed up by the distractions when I get home from work. Completely understand.

    I love doing stairs (probably a warped result from having to run the bleachers during High School track practice). I used to love to do the stairs at Diamond Head. Now they charge so I don't do that hike anymore. I think the whole bleacher thing may be why I like to climb towers so much.

  7. Hi Sandra, it took me a few rounds before I could do it straight non stop... :) Weight training sounds good too. My gym offers a Strength and lift class working with weights and I have been meaning to try it. I have a set at home with a video, but somehow it's not the same as when I'm in class. I will have to check it out soon...thanks for the idea. I need to have variety to make it interesting for me. My favorite class so far is spinning. I'd like to one day get me a spinning bike for home so I could ride it before work. I think it would give me energy first thing in the morning.

    Girasoli, glad you like the photos. There is a regular street at the top and runners, walkers, and cyclists do that route as well as the one down by the sand. I'll try to do circles using the stairs as a change of pace... that is so cool that you ran track in school. And bleacher running is really hard and the discipline you had to train is really commendable. I never ran more than a mile before I did my first marathon so it was shocking to me that I even had the interest but life is funny that way. Climbing Diamond head is pretty awesome, great training and a beautiful view at the end. I wish we had something like an Arthur's Seat (Edinburgh) here because that was such a great workout and the view was spectacular. No wonder you love climbing towers! It was all that track and field training from running the bleachers. Life certainly does come full circle sometimes, doesn't it.

    Thanks Sandra & Girasoli for your comments. It's a brand new year. Whoo hoo.

  8. Yes, me too. My exercise routine got shot during the holidays and I need to get back in the groove. So weird to see someone wearing shorts since it is crazy cold here right now! Yesterday a co-worker and I walked during break, both wearing hats, gloves, scarves, and heavy coats!

  9. Hi Annie, looks like we all enjoyed our holidays. :) I think we're lucky over here because we don't have to factor in the cold weather as you all on the east coast or north have to. Kudos to you and your co-worker for braving the cold weather. I'm one of those who wears shorts to excersie no matter what the weather is outside. :) I get more cold on top so I will use some kind of cool max long sleeve top and a hat. But it doesn't get as cold here as you do on the east. Interesting how the weather gets to dictate our exercise attire. :) Thanks so much for your comments. Hope you are having a great day today!

  10. I ran the bleachers because I was on the team but I was a lousy runner. I mostly got stuck running the 440 because I was too slow for the 100 and 220 (although I also was horrible at the 440). I probably would have been better at the shorter long distance but I was and am afraid of dogs and did not want to run around the town like the long distance runners did for their practice - so I ran bleachers. Oh and I did hurdles. That was hilarious because I was horrible at that also.

    My big claim to fame though was my one miraculous javelin throw. Somehow I broke the school record! My coach could not believe it. Neither could I! We used to play chicken with the guys throwing javelins at each other during practice (well safely not too close at each other) but my track coach did not think it was funny when she found out. My dream was to do pole jumping. I would have probably chickened out but that was what I would have loved to try. Only guys track event though (at least back then).

  11. Hi Girasoli, wow 440, javelin and hurdles. Kudos! I'm sure you are fast too otherwise you would not be on the Track team. The school record on the Javelin throw is so awesome. It's a great thing to just participate (my motto) but to be the best at something is a really cool personal life accomplishment!

    Playing chicken on Javelin throwing. Yikes! I think you would not have chickened out on the pole jumping. And I bet you would've done really good with all the bleacher running training and your interests to climb towers.

    I was really bad in high school. I didn't participate in any team sports other than in Gym class. I was in a couple of social clubs and that was it. :) Boring.... I did always enjoy riding my bike around though. :)

    I think I started to get more involved once in College where the club I joined played intramural sports, namely tag footbal and indoor volleyball. We would play against the Soroities and Fraternities, and the dorms. It was fun. But I really became active after school. Marathon, hiking, century rides . . . It's all recreational and just for fun. It's so interesting to me how our interests change throughout life. Of course, one of my major ongoing goals is to travel and to experience as many different places/cultures around the world as I possibly can. I also enjoy trying different things whenever I can. Life is fun ain't it.

    Thanks so much for sharing Girasoli. I found the discussion very interesting.

  12. Holy smokes, that is one heck of a climb, Kathy!! Well done that you can run up in one go, I'm impressed! I intend to return to stairclimbing in my building. It's 19 stories, with the double sets of stairs between each floor, so is quite a workout. I only have bursts of running for a flight or two though, mostly am just walking. But sure does wonders for the leg muscles. I walk down too, have read that it uses different muscles to go down than to go up, so figure may as well work 'em all while I'm at it!

  13. Hi Anne, wow 19 stories. Kudos to you! That is so great that you do that at work. At work, I try to use the stairs between floors rather than the elevator as much as possible too.

    Thanks so much for your comments. Have a great day today.


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