Monday, November 30, 2009

Scotland: Loving Edinburgh . . .

I’m back! I’m so sorry that I have not been posting the past several days. Thank you so much everyone for all of your comments! I really appreciate all the kind comments.

I have been really enjoying my time here in Edinburgh a lot and unlike the Highlands, there is so much to do here at night and since my apartment is in such a great area it has been hard for me to resist not venturing out. The only down side is that it has been freezing here. I have at one point put on three layers of clothing.

Today is Monday and I have already done everything on my must see list. There’s a few more things that I’ve since learned about while here that I’m interested in seeing and so we’ll see if I can accomplish those before Thursday. My flight on Friday leaves at some ridiculous time (6:20 am) so I have to leave by 3:30 or so to get to the Edinburgh Airport. So for all intense purposes Thursday is my last day here.

I will probably post one last entry on Thursday before I leave to wrap things up and then I will sadly have to say Farewell to Scotland! I’m never good at saying good-bye!

Instead of doing one really loooooong, here are my individual journal entries . . . .


  1. I imagined that the lack of entries were due to being too busy, having a great time in Edinburgh. Enjoy the four days you have left in the city and stay warm!

  2. You put on some serious mileage. I admire your courage to travel this alone but what an experience. It seems all your research was fruitful in many ways. How did you learn about the apartment? Slow Travel and its generous readers helped in the planning process, but you were very organized to pack so much into your itinerary. Glad the weather held off for your hike....the photos are charming. This is how I envisioned Scotland. Hope you continue to explore..M

  3. Kathy, thanks for taking the time to blog on your journey. It sounds like you've had such a marvellous trip. I've just caught up on your Edinburgh adventures, and what a thrill to "tour" that city with you! I hope you have a wonderful last day tomorrow!!! :)

  4. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for all of your wonderful comments...

    Maria, I did enjoy my days here in Edinburhg a lot. I could not take a photo of the inside of St. Margaret's chapel but it is as simple on the inside as it is on the out. the walls are stone with a simple romanesque alter and St. Margeret's prayer book and that's pretty much it. but the warmth is so there.

    Deborah, I'm glad that the chapel was your favorite too. I didn't get a chance to visit the Church courtyard but did find the little statue. It is so sad but also so interesting and it reflects the strong bond that animals and people have with each other. Love is love!

    M, you ar too kind. It is thanks to Deborah and Pauline that I found the links to my cool apartment. And it is Slow Travelers that I owe my courage to travel solo to. My life would've been so different had I not stumbled on to ST.

    Anne, I do hope that you get to visit Scotland with your family. You would totally love it!

    Annie, the art car parade was a blast. I like those hot wine drinks and it was great with the donuts I ate right along with it. :) so many goodies at that christmas market. :) I could've probably drank one more....

    Maya & Candi, thanks so much for enjoying

  5. 3:30 AM?? That sure is early. Almost not worth going to sleep. I hope it was not too difficult getting to the airport.

  6. Hi Girasoli, you are soo right. I was so afraid I was going to over sleep. I put my alarm clock on, my watch alarm clock and my internal alarm clock on. I ended up waking up at 2:00 am and when I got to the airport the check in desk didn't even open until about almost 5:00 am. Oh well, at least I was on time! :)

    Thanks so much for all of your comments. That was the first group bag pipe performance I saw. There were a couple of solo bag pipe street performers that I saw before them but this group was pretty cool to see because they had drums and everything. I loved the blue kilts too.


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