Monday, November 30, 2009

Scotland: Arthur's Seat . . .

Today I woke up to another beautiful sunny morning. With no set itinerary I set out on my day with the idea of finding the Royal Mile but as I saw how beautiful it was I decided this was the day to climb Arthur’s Seat near Holyrood Park. I think one of the unique things about Edinburgh is the fact that it has this beautiful mountain in it’s midst, which is an extinct volcano which they say is shaped like a sleeping lion. The summit is 823 ft. high.

Arthur’s seat emerged during a violent volcanic eruption deep in the earth’s crust and I read that climbing to the summit would give me the best view of the city below. And it does.

I went up one side ( a steep but straight uphill climb) then went back down the other side (I think it’s called St. Margaret’s path) which is a longer route but more gradual.

Some sections were a little tricky…especially when you follow the wrong person! Little did I know that just to the left of the rocky path I took, there is an easier route! I took it on the way down!

The spot that marks the Summit or Highest point on Arthur’s Seat. I climbed up and stood on it but it was so windy I held on with both hands and didn’t pull out my camera to take a photof from it, so instead I took a photo of it once I climbed back down.

Great views around the city!

In the Highlands most of the time I was by myself so it was nice to have company here …met a couple of nice people climbing up and down Arthur’s seat.

Some people ran up and down it , which was pretty amazing to see.

The view from down below. While walking down I bumped into a couple and the girl asked me if it was worth it? And I said yes it totally was! I was happy that I was on my way down though and could totally relate to her question.

As it turned out, the following day was not quite as clear and beautiful as it was this day so I was happy that I visted Arthur’s Seat today! Sometimes you have to follow your instincts.


  1. I'm so glad you had a clear and beautiful day to make this climb because your photos are so beautiful! So glad that you are having such a good time.

  2. I just love when you can easily access a hill climb from a city! The views look well worth the effort.

  3. What a beautiful hike if it hard! The views are stunning! I know what you mean about the winds, they scare me too.

  4. Wow, those views look stunning! The climb reminds me of Dave and M's experience climbing Gros Morne in Newfoundland - straight up the rocky scree gully, then winding back down the other side of the mountain. Definitely cool to follow your instincts! I'm glad you did this on a clear day.

  5. Looks like a tough climb, but very worthwhile!

  6. Hi Annie, Maya, Candi, Sandra and Anne, thanks so much for your comments. The little hike was pretty great (once I was up there). I'm not sure why the winds have been so scary for me? But they have been. so when I saw these guys run up and down sliding every now and then on the rocks I was super impressed. We have some nice hikes in California, but Maya you are so right. To have this great resource right in the city is wonderful. Runners and hikers don't have to go too far to get a good work out in. I remember this one path which was about a foot wide then a sheer drop down and people were non chalantly walking up that path. Because of the winds, I chose to climb up the rocks rather than walk that ledge. :) It seemed harder than the nice path but i didn't have to worry about the winds and ledge. Anne, this walk does seem to be similar to Dave's and M's hike. If you and your family visit Edinburgh, I think you all would enjoy this hike too.This one is easier and shorter than the one they did. I would love to one day return to Scotland and try the Quiraing hike but maybe if my friends can't come with me then maybe an organized group. That would be more fun and safer than doing it on my own.

  7. I didn't realize there was an extinct volcano in Edinburgh. Glad you went with your instincts and climbed Arthur's Seat on a nice day. Nice views :)


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