Saturday, September 26, 2009

PhotoHunt: Twisted

I took this photo at a local amusement park here in Southern California and in it I found three things for this week's theme.

# 1 - some Holiday garland twisted around the lamp pole in the bottom right corner;

# 2 - see the metal tracks twisted up and down, side to side and in loops; and finally

# 3 - the most twisted of all. The people riding on this insanely scary roller coaster ride for the thrill! Yikes! :)

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  1. Excellent take on the theme Kathy! I love the colors and light in this photo and you are right, it is twisted to enjoy riding something that looks as scary as that (I'm a wimp!). Like how you found so many twisted things in one photo.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Annie, thanks so much. Glad you got my twisted sense of humor. :) I love the colors too. I went on one of these once and paid the price and vowed never again! I don't mind the up and down motion by the twists and turns and big loops! Yikes! No way. :)

    Have a great weekend too!

  3. Hi thxs for stopping by my blog. I was a bit slow posting this week but my twisted pic is now up.

    I think the roller coaster is the best twisted photo!

  4. That is a great picture for the theme. I definitely agree that people who ride these things are twisted. I can't do it! I tried the roller coaster in Santa Cruz when I was in high school and couldn't open my eyes the whole ride.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Love the multiple takes of the theme in one photo. I agree that it takes a twisted person to ride a roller coaster.

  6. That's a very good choice for this theme and scary for me.

  7. Such a cool photo for the theme this week! I have to agree that you need to be a little twisted to ride one of these :) I really love this photo. Beautiful composition. I can feel my stomach in knots just looking at this photo. Great colors also!

  8. That looks like lots of fun - I LOVE roller coasters.

  9. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments...

    Travelingsuep, I'm glad you liked the photo choice. I thought your shot was very cool!

    Marta, I don't mind some that just go fast and up and down and maybe a little turn, but the ones like this that go crazy with the loops and dips and side to side turns...I get so motion sickness.

    Maya, glad you liked the multi take photo. :) The simple rides are fun, but these newer more complex ones are too wild for my taste!

    Barb, glad you liked my choice. Scary is totally right. :)

    Girasoli, glad you liked my photo. I think the bright happy colors tends to cover up the fact that his ride has some serious bite to it! :) Not for the weak stomach, that's for sure.

    Jerry, I'm not sure that I'm surprised... just kidding. If I had the stomach for it I might be tempted to ride this but being prone to motion sickness, probably not a good idea for me.:) Glad you enjoy it though.

    Thanks again everyone. This week was cool. Next week will be very interesting I think! Can't wait to see what people do with that one!

  10. Kathy, this is such a cool photo, and so colorful. Love it!

    I'm a big time wimp and I don't do amusement park rides anymore, although I enjoyed them when I was way younger. I'm glad to see that I'm in good company.

    Happy Monday!

  11. Hi Maria, thanks for liking my photo. I like the colors too.

    And yes you are definitely in good company. I do some rides but these big scary ones . . . no way!

    Have a wonderful evening!


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