Saturday, August 8, 2009

PhotoHunt: Low

I haven't recently written about my wonderful trip to Spain last year, so when I saw this week's theme I decided to seize the moment. Castillo de San Sebastián was built on a small island in 1706 located opposite Playa de la Caleta in the 3,000 year old town of Cádiz in Andalucía, Spain. It was originally designed to protect Cádiz from seabourne attackers. Initially the castle could only be reached during low tide, however a long pier connecting the castle to the beach was built in the 19th century so the castle could be accessed at all times. The castle now serves as a lighthouse.

Here is a local using the low tides to take his dog for a walk ...

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  1. That is a great picture of a low tide and spit. You definitely saw some amazing things in Spain.

  2. Great post Kathy! Love your shots, and what a great take on the theme.

  3. Low tide! Once again, we are on the same wavelength for the theme. I love your photos - what beautiful scenery and esp. love the guy with his dog. Very cool sight and the Spain coast is so nice to see.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. Cool photos! Great take on the theme.

    I miss the really low tides. I never could figure out why Hawaii doesn't have them. Of course the tides are real important here, affecting the surf and fishing, they just aren't so low and go out so far. I am sure there is a very good explanation. Maybe I should Google this!

  5. Ok, figured it out thanks to Google! Hawaii is a mid-ocean location which makes the rising and falling of the sea level much smaller. Huh!

  6. I was wondering when we'd hear a bit about Spain . . . now that you've started we could use some more! LOL

  7. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your comments...

    Marta, glad you liked my shot. And I'm embarrassed to admit this but I didn't know what a spit was and I learned something new. I love it. Spain is an incredible country and there are many times when I miss it as I do Italy!

    Candi, I'm glad that you liked my shot and take on the theme. It's funny how some photos just pop up when theme comes up. The shot of the local with his dog sitting during low tide came to mind. I like when they come that easily, but it is not always the case. I remember having a hard time with plastic. :)

    Annie, that is so funny how we thought of low tide. I really loved your photos too. And I thought the contrast between low and high tide was very cool! The local with his dog at low tide was my first photo and then I added the second wider shot so I could talk more about España. And I agree that the coast is very nice. It seems at least in Cadiz that they have very wide beaches too.

    Sandra, thanks for your comments and I'm glad that you liked my take this week.

    Girasoli, that is so interesting to learn about the low and high tides and lack of them in Hawaii. Thanks so much for googling it and passing on the information. It's amazing to me that they used to walk all the way to the Castille during low tide before they built that walk way. I love learning about different things.

    Jerry, thanks so much. Funny you should ask, I do have a couple of drafted posts on Spain that I have been working on but have been procrastinating. Spain will definitely make another guest appearance soon. :)

    Thanks again everyone! Enjoy your Sunday!

  8. Hi Kathy, I like your choice of photos for this theme. I found Cadiz to be a really cool city with an abundance of interesting sights and castles. I regretted day tripping there; there was so much I wanted to see.

    I'm with Jerry in that I'd love to see more posts with photos on Spain.

    Have a great week!

  9. Hi, it's me again. Silly me, I pressed the publish button by mistake. Just wanted to add that I love your photo of the castle. Did you walk the length of the pier up to the entrance gate? We did and I froze, it was so cold and windy.

    Neat photo of the guy and his dog in the tide pools.

  10. Hi Maria, thanks so much for your comments. I agree that Cadiz is a wonderful town and I am so glad that I got to see it. I almost day tripped to Morroco from there but I was enjoying my stay so much that I didn't want to leave. I do hope to do a few more posts on Spain. :) I regret not doing a formal trip report on it now because there were so many great things that I saw and experienced and it's such a shame that I don't have it written down somewhere. Good thing I wrote some blog posts on it. Like you and Jerry said I should do more.

    Glad you liked my photos. Kudos to you for walking to the castle. Sorry it was so cold for you. I regret not having done that. The day I came across it, I had just walked all over the old town of Cadiz and by the time I had reached it, I was too pooped to walk over and so I planned to go the next day. Well, I ended up going on the hop on hop off bus tour then got distracted and never made it to the castle. I regret that now because it would have been great to see it. I really have to learn not to put things off. Oh well, live and learn.

    I really love that photo of the local and his dog. One of my favorites from that trip.

    Thanks again Maria for your comments. Have a great Monday!


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