Sunday, August 2, 2009

Making a good Margarita: Practice makes perfect . . . .

Last month, I was at this party where everyone wanted to drink a margarita but no one knew how to make one. One person whipped out their iphone which had an application for mixing drinks! :) With that recipe in hand, the blender went into overtime. Some came out too strong, some came out too weak and some didn't have enough ice in them. None of us could get it right.

One day I read Jerry's Thoughts, Musings and Rants blog post with his recipe for a Strawberry Margarita! After my recent experience, I became determined to learn how to make one. After all, this is the only drink that I can drink that doesn't go straight to my head. And besides, you just never know when this knowledge and skill might come in handy. I followed Jerry's recipe and came up with my first ever strawberry margerita and I loved it. It's kind of like an adult slushy! Jerry's drink looked so much more delicious than mine though. But as the saying goes, practice makes perfect!

Thanks so much Jerry for passing on your strawberry margarita drink recipe!


  1. I also love margaritas, strawberry and mango margaritas are my favorites. yay, you can make margaritas now:)

    BTW, I love your photo of the month, I vaguely remember seeing it, do you remember exactly where it was?

  2. You go girl! That sounds so good and that photo is fantastic. Makes my mouth water (and what a perfect drink for hot weather). Makes me laugh to know about the mixed-drink ap on i-phone!

    I've had strawberry daiquiris but not margaritas so I may have to try Jerry's recipe soon.

    And you can't believe how much I LOVE your new Photo of the Month! What an absolutely beautiful shrine. Love the shape of that tabernacle and the colors are just incredible. I love seeing shrines from other places in Italy besides Venice!

    What does the sign say? I can make out "Sanctuario" I think. Excellent photo and I'm so glad you posted it.

    Hope you have had a great weekend!

  3. Love your post, Kathy. Personally, I prefer them strong:-) This ones soo good - next time you mix, I'm coming over! menehune

  4. Hi Annie & Candi & Menehune, thanks so much for your comments.

    Candi, I've never had a mango margarita before. And now that you mention it, I think I'll have to give it a try. My first margerita came out pretty good, but I'm sure it's like cooking, the more I practice the better I might get. :)

    Annie, I thought that was funny too that there is an actual i-phone application that can bring up how to make a mixed drink at a moments notice. LOL! It still didn't do us any good though because we still couldn't make a really good margarita. I totally love strawberry daiquiris too! Jerry's recipe is very good if you want to try it. And yes it did go down very well on a hot summer day. :)

    M, so you like it strong? When I do another mix and you come over I'll remember to make a very special mix just for you. :)

    Annie & Candi, glad you liked my photo of the month. Candi, this photo was taken in Vernazza. Unfortunately, I wasn't as organized with labeling my photos back then and so I can't remember where it is located. I want to say it is up along one of the paths above the town on the church side, but I'm not positive. It really is a pretty shrine. Annie, you're right, the sign says Santaurio Nostra Signora Di Reggio (Our Lady of Reggio). We explored around the town but unfortunately didn't make it to the Sanctuary. I regret that now. There are sanctuaries in each of the CT villages. I would love to try to see them the next time I visit there.

    I love the shrines that you feature in your blog and because of your influence every time I go through photos from my past trips I now pay special attention to all the beautiful shrines that I took a photo of. There's a couple from this trip that I really liked and this is one of them. I'll have to post another really pretty one from this trip that I found. I think you and Candi would like that one too.

    Thanks again everyone. Have a great evening.

  5. Thanks Kathy and I would LOVE to see more of your shrine photos!

    Happy Monday!

  6. Hi Annie, cool... I have a couple more and a third one but that one isn't that great of a shot. I will post them today. Gosh, I'll have to be honest. Looking at all of these photos has me missing Italy a lot! Have a great Monday too!

  7. Thanks Kathy, no rush but I look forward to seeing them. I know exactly what you mean about missing Italy...sometimes I just get this homesick (almost) feeling when I think about it!

  8. Hi Annie, well I got overly excited about Italy that I was inspired to post the two additional photos of what I think are shrines and while I was at it turned it into a post about Vernazza while I was at it. LOL! Inspiration at its finest! I started looking through my photos and remembering how beautiful it was in Vernazza and how much I really enjoyed my time there. Italy is calling out to me again in a very big way. This could spell trouble for Scotland. :)

    Thanks again for your comments and for the flashback to my trip to Vernazza...

    Have a great day. I'm lucky to be off today now I'm punching in dates for my trip later this year and the really big question is Italy or Scotland? :)

  9. Kathy,I would have guessed it to be on the higher path too. Great photo!And I am missing Italy, greatly:(

  10. Hi Candi, I'm missing Italy a lot myself. I wish Scotland was somehow closer to Italy so I can visit both in this one trip! Wishful thinking! :)

  11. Hi Kathy, brava to you for making a cool margarita! Love the photo. It makes me want to have one just about right now.

    I saw your photo of the month which is pretty cool and the discussion about missing Italy. I've been missing Italy all summer long and have been trying to get over it with no success. I'm trying to scheme a way to return this year (I usually go every two years) but so far niente (nothing). I'll keep trying.

    Off to read about the shrine ...

  12. Hi Maria, thank you. I don't blame you for wanting one right now. It's been so hot here, even I feel like whipping up a glass right now. But not on a work day... :)

    Glad you liked my photo of the month. I think that's a pretty cool looking shrine too. And yes, I'm also always scheming to get to Italy. If only Scotland wasn't so far away. I remember when I went to Prague in 2006 I was trying to figure out a way to get to Venice.

    Sorry for the niente, but don't give up! The year is not up yet. And maybe there will be some late fall/early winter travel sales or opportunities.

    Thanks for your comments Maria. Have a great day tomorrow.


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