Friday, July 3, 2009

PhotoHunt: Pink

I took this photo near where I live. It is a route on the way to my grocery store and every spring this entire hill is covered with pink flowers. Makes going on errands a pleasant experience! :)

And I just couldn't resist adding my pink house photo that I took while visiting the island of Burano in Italy!

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Happy Belated Canada Day and have a Happy 4th of July tomorrow to everyone!


  1. Kathy,

    I love your photos.
    That hill is very pretty all covered in pink. You are right makes running errands more pleasant to get to see it.
    That house is vivid pink too, I love it.

    Happy 4th of July weekend.

  2. Love those shots. Pink is a very vivid colour.

  3. WOW! Love your pink for this week!!

  4. Wow Kathy, I would have guessed that the hill was in Europe but how wonderful that it's close to your home. It's so beautiful!

    And love your Burano photo. It's so much fun taking photos on that island.

    I hope that you are having a great looooong holiday weekend!

  5. What wonderful photos, I love that pink hill -- I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it!

    And the house is something else, very eyecatching.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Kathy!

  6. Hi Everyone, thank you so much for your comments.

    Candi, glad you like my pink photos. I really enjoy driving by this pink hill everytime they bloom like that. Have a great 4th of July celebration tomorrrow too!

    Colin, thank you for your comments. I'm glad you like my pinks! :) Have a great weekend.

    Leslie, thank you for your comments. I liked your pink photo too. Actually, I'd like to drive it myself. :) Have a great weekend Leslie.

    Annie, :) It does look like something European doesn't it... I once took that photo for my photography class assignment. My teacher liked the photo and asked me where it was and so I revealed my secret location... by the Vons supermarket! He got a kick out of that answer. :)

    I totally loved Burano with all the beautiful colors and reflections. The first time I saw it I really couldn't believe how very quaint and charming it was.

    So far, so good with my loooong weekend. Today, I almost forgot it wasn't Saturday so I was thrilled when I realized I still have two more days off!:)

    I hope that you're enjoying your long holiday weekend off too! Happy 4th of July to you tomorrow!

    Thanks again everyone.

  7. Hi Sandra, we must have been writing at the same time. :) Glad you liked my pink hill. And my bright pink Burano house photo. I really loved visiting Burano because of all the bright colors. The reds, bright pinks, yellow and orange. Fun, happy colors.

    Have a great weekend too Sandra!

  8. Wow, pink really can be pretty! :)

  9. Hi YTSL, thanks for your comments. And I agree, things are very pretty in pink, :) Have a great weekend!

  10. Both are wonderful but I love the brilliant pink wall in Burano. I don't think I've seen a building that pink before. It is probably cool during a sunset also. Have a great weekend.

  11. Hi Cindy, thank you for your comments. Pink is definitely beautiful!

    Hi Marta, thank you for your comments. The colors in Burano are so bright and beautiful. I just loved my visit there, because of it! :)

    Thanks again Cindy and Marta. Have a great day today!

  12. Wow, stunning!!! Ok, I am coming to visit you just to see that hillside! ;)

    Love the pink Burano house too. We loved our afternoon on Burano, so peaceful once we wandered away from the crowds and found a quiet park on the water's edge. The house colours are marvellous.

  13. Hi Anne, you are welcome to come see my pink hill anytime. Glad you liked my photos. And yes the colorful Burano houses are simply marvelous...

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your summer trip when you return! I know you'll have some great things to say... Thanks for your comments and have a great day today!

  14. Stunning - would make excuses to pass this on my way to run errands ... great photos. menehune

  15. Hi Menehune, glad you liked my pink photos. And yes, errands are less of an errand when I'm passing by this beautiful pink hill! :)

    Thanks so much for your comments and have a great Sunday evening.

  16. Amazing photos! It must be wonderful getting to see the beautiful pink flowers everytime you head to the grocery store (while they are in bloom).

  17. Hi Girasoli, thanks and yes it's very cool seeing the pretty pink hill when they are in bloom. It lasts for only a few weeks, but it is fun even for a short while. Now it is kind of a boring hill without the pretty flowers . . . . :)


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