Saturday, June 27, 2009

PhotoHunt: Flags

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  1. Hi Kathy, that is such a cool looking photo! I curious to know where you took it. Flags are so interesting and colorful.

    I watched a special 20/20 last night about Michael Jackson. They had Kris and Adam from AI on there, both talking about the influence MJ had on them as musicians. Very nice tributes from both of those guys.

    Hope you're doing well and having fun trip planning. It's gotten super hot here in NC. Have a great weeekend!

  2. Great shot,Kathy. Where did you take this photo I wonder?

  3. Hi Annie, I took this photo in a town called San Pedro at a 5K race. It was a gorgeous clear day so I had a little help from mother nature.

    I'm bummed that I missed the special last night. How cool that Adam and Kris were there to say how much MJ had influenced them as musicians. I was a huge fan of MJ in the early days and I was so shocked to hear of the news and especially at a time when he was planning to perform again. He has definitely left his own unique mark in the mnusic industry and I wish his soul peace.

    I'm doing well and still plugging away in my trip. You're not going to believe this, but as I'm beginning to plan more, I'm discovering that I'm going to be seeing a couple of places where they actually filmed "Local Hero". It's on this route called the Road to the Isles. Is that a cool and fun coincidence! I watched the movie three times before I returned it. Thank you again for recommending it to me.

    I'm so sorry that it's really hot in NC. Its been unusually cool here but today is a little warmer and I sense that it will getting much hotter in the next couple of days, just in time for the 4th of July weekend! :)

    I hope you're doing well too! Stay cool and have a great weeekend! Hope Maria & Lulu are staying cool also.

  4. It's a wonderful photo and I love the way you can see Old Glory through the CA flag.

    I was a huge fan of the Jackson Five when I was a kid and I still love so many of their songs and also Michael's solo songs. So iconic. It makes me sad because I've always had the impression that he never had any kind of normal life, and that he was too sensitive and fragile to deal with the level of fame and wealth he achieved. I never saw him perform in person and wish I had. I wish his soul peace too.

    That is so cool that you will be going by some Local Hero spots! How exciting. I'm so glad you liked that movie. Remember how I couldn't find my VHS copy, well I ordered it on DVD and it just came. I might watch it tonight since it's too hot to go anywhere. Seeing Scotland scenery will cool me off!

    LuLu and Maria are doing fine. They are indoor cats so they hang out in the air conditioning and probably don't even know how hot it is. :)

    I'm looking forward to a holiday weekend coming up (and a short work week this week!).

  5. I was born in californina - love that flag. :)

  6. Hi Candy, I think we were writing at the same time. :) I took this photo in San Pedro a city south of where I live. I'm glad that you liked the shot.

    Hi Annie, you're right it is pretty cool how you can see through California's flag.

    I'm was also a huge Jackson 5 fan and I also really liked Michael's first albums too. And remember the We Are the World song ... As you said, I don't think he had much of a normal childhood which was very sad. I can't imagine not having a really good and fun childhood. He really was a great artist and his work will live forever.

    Yes, it was very cool when I started to read that some of the places I have on my must see list were used in the filming of both Local Hero and Braveheart. I'm glad that you got the DVD. Watching it in the comfort of AC sounds great! Enjoy the movie. And Maria and Lulu probably don't know how really hot it is outside. :) They are so sweet.

    I'm also looking forward to a short week and an extra day off. Yay!

    Hi Leslie, I seem to remember reading several comments and posts of when you lived here. Very cool that you were born here in California.

    Thank you everyone! I enjoyed PH this week. Can't wait for pink next week.

    Have a great weekend Annie, Candi and Leslie!

  7. Great shots - I've always loved the State of CA flag = penchant for bears. menehune

  8. That is a great shot. I love the California flag and it looks so cool paired up with the stars and stripes.

    I grew up on the Jackson 5 but I really liked his early albums. R&B and Soul was *the* music at my school. I still like a good dance beat. He was also the mastery of dance.

  9. Hi Menehune, glad you enjoyed the shot. Bears are cool to look at in person but only from a reasonable running away distance. :)

    Hi Marta, glad you liked the pairing of the two. I wanted to do one of my Spain flag again but being so close to the 4th I decided on Old Glory. :)

    That's neat that we all grew up on the Jackson 5 songs. I thought his best album was the one with Billie Jean. In my old clubbing days we could all stay on the dance floor with his string of great dance songs. He definitely was the king of pop in those days. I do like some of his newer songs too but not as much as the older stuff. Sort of how I feel about the cool one!:)

    Thanks Menehune and Marta. Have a great Sunday!


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