Saturday, April 18, 2009

PhotoHunt: Purple

Having just watched a brilliant performance by Susan Boyle singing I Dreamed a Dream from the muscial play, Les Miserables, I was feeling quite inspired by her heartwarming story.

And while exchanging recent comments with AnnieNC about her, I somehow remembered a photo that I had taken of this cool theatre sign that I saw while cruising the streets of London after having just seen a wonderful muscial play called Blood Brothers with my friend! This was my first experience seeing a Musical Play in London, England and I loved it!

It's interesting that Susan Boyle's story reminded me that while growing up I always dreamed of seeing the world (especially Europe) and I'm actually doing it. So you know what? Dreams really do sometimes come true!

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  1. Great shot. One day I hope to see a show in the West End . . .

    I saw a touring production of Blood Brothers in Toronto and was blown away - what a powerful story!

  2. Kathy, this is such a cool photo and I'm so glad you remembered it. Love the purple and all the other colors and lights in it. And I bet Susan Boyle will be performing in a London musical soon, so it's perfect!

    I didn't see it but my mom told me that Susan was on Larry King Live last night. Way to go Susan, I say!

    Great photohunt Kathy and have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi Jerry, thanks so much for your comments. Cool that you saw and was blown away with watching Blood Brothers too. It really had everything in it. Music, drama, humor. Before watching it we didn't know what to expect. And I loved that it was a small theatre in London. We had terrible cheap seats but the ushers told us when the lights dim low we can move up front if we wanted to and we did and had a fabulous close up view of all the actors. And after we couldn't get that Marilyn Monroe song out of our system for a couple of days.

    Hi Annie, thanks so much for liking my photo. I'm actually terrible with colors especially with blue and purple. :) A couple of times I've actually gone to work with one black and one very navy blue shoe...Early in the morning throws me off even more.

    With Susan's beautiful voice and her fun personality I think her popularity will hopefully lead to many doors opening for her. I really hope she wins the contest and scores a record deal so she can record that song!

    I wished I would've seen her on Larry King! Your mom was very lucky to have seen it. Maybe there's a youtube already up on it. I'll have to research and find it. And I agree...way to go Susan!

    Have a great weekend too Annie! It's warm today (feels more like summer than spring here). . . and now that I'm done with taxes and major work projects I finally get to have a nice stress free weekend! Whoo hoo!

    Thanks again for the nice comments Jerry & Annie!

  4. I love the Susan Boyle video. I went to try to get a copy of Les Mis at my library and they were 11 holds. I'll probably be waiting for a bit before I get it.

    BTW, Have you heard the other song out by Susan Boyle. Someone has found a recording she made in 1999 for a charity fundraiser. She does "Cry me a River". It shows she definitely has talent. I hope to hear more from her soon.

  5. Trekcapri, this was an exciting pick not only for it's uniqueness but because of the sentiment. Yes I do believe that dreams come true and like you I hope that Susan's do. She is such a down to earth genuine person. Everyone is rooting for her I'm sure. Doors will open for her now. I hope good things continue to happen for her. I spent a very short 4 days in London on my last stay there. My daughter and I were spending our time in Paris one summer but we took the chunnel to London for those few days and saw a play every night...all last minute tickets, great prices. We saw Rent, Saturday Night Fever and Chicago. It's so much fun in the theater district.
    Great post Really unique take on purple!

  6. Hi Marta, I just can't stop watching that video! Susan is wonderful and her voice is amazing. I did hear her sing Cry me No River by clicking on a link from the video on Britain's Got Talent. Wonderful singing on that song too! She's a natural. Wow 11 holds on Les mes, I don't blame you for waiting! :) I can't wait to see and hear more about Susan and how she's doing. I think regardless of the outcome of the show & I would be shocked if she didn't win, she is going to be very successful. No 15 minutes of fame for her. I love seeing when people's dreams come true for them espciallly when they are people like Susan. Thanks for your comments Marta. Have a great weekend!

    Hi Barb, isn't Susan and Susan's story just amazing. I just love hearing about her and I'm so happy for her too! Annie said that her mom told her about an interview she did with Larry King and I just watched it. And when he asked now that she has all this popularity will she change anything about her like her looks, hair, ... and she said "no". She said that she is who she is and won't be changing it! Brilliant! She also said that she picked that song because it was fitting for her at the time. Wanting and dreaming to be a professional singer and now her dreams are coming true. I'm sure that she will get a recording contract soon, in fact the one judge said that Simon Cowell was already in Hollywood!

    How cool that you were able to visit London for four days from Paris and that you were able to see 4 plays. I think if my friend and I had been able to have an extra day in London before meeting up with our tour group, we would've found a way to see another play. I loved that part of London too. After the show we were able to meet some of the cast members which was pretty cool too. I enjoyed the experience a lot! I loved all the shows that you picked too. I wouldn't mind seeing Saturday Night Fever and all the other shows you saw too!
    Thanks for your comments Barb. Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Annie, if you haven't already seen it, here's the link to a bit from Larry King's interview with Susan Boyle...

    Thanks so much (and thanks to your mom too) for mentioning it to me!

  8. That is a very cool shot! Love the brilliant colors and the advertise musicals.

    I never saw a musical while living outside of London but did manage to see Marcel Marceau performing. I saw Les Mis long time ago here in Arizona. The music is simply beautiful.

    Susan Boyle is amazing. She said in an interview that she was gobsmacked (which reminded me of Sandra) by all the attention towards her. I hope good things come her way and that we can soon hear more of her singing.

    Wishing you a great weekend!

  9. Cool photo! How lucky to see a musical in London. I went to the link and read the info on this play. I would love to see it sometime.

    Susan Boyle has an amazing voice. Such an inspirational story. I am so glad your dream is coming true. My dream as a child was to live in Hawaii! After I accomplished that, I was a little lost for a while. What to do after my dream came true...but not for long. I easily found new dreams to add on.

  10. Great post and photo for this week. :)

  11. Kathy - cool photo and great story - I'm with you - dreams do come true. Enjoy your weekend! menehune

  12. Thanks everyone for your nice comments.

    Maria, thank you so much for your comments. How great that you were able to see Marcel Marceau perform while in London. I haven't heard the other songs from Les Mis, but I really love the one she sang. I missed seeing a London play the very first trip I made to Europe and was very excited that I was able to see on one on my second trip. Susan is definitely amazing and it was cute when she used the term gobsmacked. And it reminded me of Sandra and Annie. Its a really cute saying! :)

    I also hope that all things good come her way. I have a strong feeling that we’ll be seeing her record an album soon and when she does it will fly off the shelf. I hope it is offered on iTunes too. Thanks again. Enjoy your Sunday!

    Girasoli, thanks so much for your comments. I had never heard of that play before seeing it and ended up really liking it and the performance. I was very lucky to have seen a musical in London. Susan Boyle’s dream is definitely coming true and it seems like the whole world is cheering her on. In an interview on Larry King, the judge commented that Susan’s story may be so popular because here she is an ordinary person who has this great dream and she is realizing them now. And in our time of bad economy and all, people just want a reason to feel good again. To believe that something good can happen maybe not just for Susan but maybe for ourselves too. I’m glad that you are living your dream of living in Hawaii and I hope all your new dreams also come true too. Thanks again for your comments and have a great Sunday!

    Leslie, thanks so much for your comments. As always, I enjoyed your PH selection too! Its fun looking at what everyone does each week! Thanks again and have a great Day!

    Menehune, thanks so much for your comments. Yes, they do . . . . Hope you are enjoying your weekend too!

    Thanks again everyone. Have a great Sunday!

  13. A very cool photo, Kathy, and what a great memory! Growing up, I always wanted to travel the world, and especially to see Europe. As you say, dreams really can come true!

    I have seen some theatre in London (such a thrill!) but I haven't heard of Blood Brothers, I definitely have to check that out.

  14. Love it!

    I also believe that dreams do really come true sometimes.

    And Susan Boyle, what a talent!

  15. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for your comments. It really is such a great feeling to be able to do something that you only imgained and dreamed of doing while growing up. Really kind of priceless. I hadn't heard of Blood Brothers before seeing it and was pleasantly surprised at how much I really enjoyed the play. Thanks again for your comments Sandra & have a great day!

    Hi Candi, thanks so much for your comments! Glad you like my photo and that you also believe that dreams do come true! :) And Susan Boyle is such a great representative of that idea! Thanks again for your comments. Have a great day!

  16. Hi Kathy, hope you had a great stress free weekend! Thanks for the Larry King link - I'm looking forward to watching it. Go Susan! I think they should bring her over to sing as a guest on AI!

    And I know what you mean about colors. I took some photos of some flowers that I thought were purple but when I got them on the computer, they looked blue instead. It's a fine line (but I see both blue and purple in your photo!).

    Happy Monday!

  17. HI Annie, yes it was a very warm and relaxing weekend. The interview is broken up in three parts and it was interesting to watch. The one judge was also on there and he apologized to Susan for the way they initially recieved her. She is so gracious too!

    Blue and purple is my biggest challenge and shades of colors. I'm better with definitive colors like Hot Pink and Flaming Red! So can't wait for these to be picked as themes! :)

    Have a great Monday too! Don't forget Disco week tomorrow night! And I think it would be fantastic if they got Susan to make an appearnce on AI! Maybe in the grand finale . . . .that would be cool!

  18. Disco week, I'm psyched!

    My apologies if I'm repeating myself. I can't remember if I told you or Deborah who is planning a trip to Scotland...

    but one of my all-time fave movies is "Local Hero" and it's set in this little Scottish village that I can imagine Susan Boyle living in. If you haven't seen it, put it in your netflix queue. It's such a wonderful heart-warming film (and might help inspire your travel plans!).

    And "pink" is the July 4 PhotoHunt theme and then we've got orange coming up in Sept

    The August 1 theme is "Entertainment" so save your Cool One shots for that. :)

  19. Hi Annie, I'm so excited for Disco week on Idol! Can't wait to hear what songs they pick tonight and how they perform them!

    I think it must have been Deborah that you mentioned this too. I have not heard of that movie before, but it sounds wonderful. I will definitely add it to my queue. I've been sort of distracted that I haven't even been thinking about my trip, so maybe like you said this movie will inspire me. Scotland and Ireland seem like such a different place to visit. I would like to see Dublin and Edinburgh but it would also be nice to see a small town too. I know so little about these two countries, I guess I should start reading. Time sure is flying by.

    Pink is July 4, cool! And Orange is coming up...Perfect. I can think of two photos right off the top of my head. And yes, the cool one would be perfect for Entertainment, I can repost my House of Blues photos with fake Prince! he, he!

    Disco night, tonight I'm psyched too! Thanks for the movie recommendations Annie and PH schedule for my colors. Enjoy AI!


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