Thursday, April 23, 2009

AI Recap: Lil and Anoop says goodbye . . .

Tonight, Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai (sorry Annie) are eliminated. I expected that Lil would be eliminated but was sort of surprised that Anoop was also eliminated. I was even more surprised that Alison was in the bottom three. I'm going to really miss having Lil and Anoop perform during the show, but as young David Archuleta said to Anoop and Alison after his performance, this is just the beginning for them and there is going to be many, many opportunities for Lil and Anoop after Idol even though they did not make it all the way to the end. And if anyone should know, he would!

Lil and Anoop were both so gracious after learning that they have been eliminated from the competition. They are very talented and so nice and I really hope that they go on to have very successful careers!

BTW, there was a nice melody of disco songs performed by Freda Payne, Thelma Houston and KC and the Sunshine Band which I enjoyed. But I still say it would've been so cool to have had Donna Summer be a part of Disco week on Idol. Oh Well, maybe she wasn't available! :)

And that's my Recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Poor Anoop, he looked so bummed. But I loved when he said, "I'm disappointed but on the bright side, I get to go back to Chapel Hill." Great line! He's a homeboy, for sure.

    You are right that both of them were so classy as they left. I enjoyed the Disco retro perfomances too. KC sure has changed, ha ha! (Well, his looks have changed, he sounded the same).

    Very interesting and talented Top Five! I think Adam is a shoe-in for the finals but I'm not sure now that Danny will definitely join him, Kris seems to be on a roll. Gonna be fun to see!

    Thanks Kathy and happy Thursday!

  2. Oh, yes to all this ~ After watching this show this season, it feels kind of like a sentimental journey both in songs but also in getting to know these singers and saying 'bye' to them. I agree with Annie too that they left with the class they both exhibited throughout their performances. I wish them continued success in whatever they choose to do...I am secretly pulling for Kris whom I think may be the underdog.. menehune

  3. Hi Annie, yes poor Anoop. But his face did light up when he said he'll be back in Chapel Hill. That was cool and fun to hear. Always gotta look at the positives in life. Yes, KC has changed but does seem to have kept his enthusiasm for his one hit wonder song! :) Just kidding, it was great hearing all of them.

    I have to agree with you. I think it could be Adam and Kris in the Final two. And final three could be an all guys (Danny being the 3rd), although I would really like to see Alison in the final three.

    Thanks for your recap Annie! Happy Thursday to you too!

  4. Hi M, thanks so much for your recap. I agree that it has been wonderful to watch their journey unfold...and although all but one will be eliminated in the next couple of weeks, I do wish that all of them go on to have very successful careers! I think if there is anyone that can match Adam's creativity and popularity it would definitely be Kris. Should be a great top 5 showdown and I'm looking forward to it.

    Have a great day!

  5. I thought that David showed real growth in his singing since leaving Idol and his range seemed to be greater. Did anyone else sense this?

    And..I wonder about Adam since evidently he had a professional career before Idol. Is this the way it's supposed to be?

  6. Kathy, I LOL'd at your line about KC's enthusiasm for his song! That's a great one! :)

    I know what Jane does seem that Adam is in a whole other league than most Idol contestants. But I think the rules are that as long as you don't have a record contract, you are eligible to complete on Idol. It's surprising that Adam doesn't have a contract, I guess. He WILL have one very soon, whether he wins or not, I bet. :)

  7. I missed AI but I knew I could count on you for a recap. My prediction turned out to be 50% correct. I'm a bit surprised at Anoop's departure. I don't understand completely how this works; is the elimination process based only on viewer's votes or do the judges have any role in it?

  8. Hi Jane, although David still has the cute baby face and he is still so young I did find that he seemed more grown up in his performance. Working the crowd and going from side to side on the stage. And lucky him to be going to the UK for a tour. And I just loved his encouragements to the Idols saying that this will be just the beginning for them even it their stay on Idol ended that day. So mature.

    I think Annie is correct. As long as an Idol does not currently have a recording contract they are eligible. I do think that Adam is more experienced professionally than some of the other Idols and it shows in his performances, which I'm sure gives him an advantage over the less experienced contestants. As Annie said, I'm also surprised that no one has yet discovered Adam! And I also agree with Annie that whether Adam wins the show or not that he has secured himself a recording contract.

    Annie, this is terrible for me to say, but I actually don't like that song "get down tonight". I thought he did a pretty good job in his performance though. Good thing he had those back up dancers. It's all good.

    Hi Maria, I was 50% too. I think Marcia had it right picking Lil and Anoop. You're correct the contestant who recieves the least amount of votes after their performances is eliminated each week. The judges do play a role because they will judge each performance and sometimes their opinions can sway the voters to vote one way or the other. So they can influence the outcome of the contest in a small way. This year they had that new save rule because in past years, some contestants who didn't deserve to be eliminated because of the voters. And sometimes the voters may vote based on popularity rather than talent and the save rule was created to save a contestant who did not deserve to be voted off. I'm not sure that the save will make a change in the outcome this year because it looks like the voting public are voting somewhat correctly this season.

    I've only voted once so far this season. And I will probably vote once it gets down to the final three! :) Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Kris, Kris, Kris. We get a total of 7 votes and I like to use all of my votes and distribute them :)

    Thanks everyone for your recap! It's so interesting to read and discuss our picks. Have a great Non AI evening!

  9. You know, when it gets to the end like that, they are all good, but there needs to be one winner, but hopefully they all get their chance to shine.

    Thanks for the recap, Kathy.

  10. Candi's right, any of the Top Ten have had an amazing amount of exposure and many of them will go on to have successful careers in the music biz.

    Kathy, I was thinking today about Alison and how you mentioned a while back that she reminded you of Nurse Rocker Amanda from last season, and they ARE very similar which makes it kind of surprising that Alison has made it to the Top Five. You really never know who or why America will end up voting for certain people.

    And about Maria's question about the judges...I think Simon has more power than all of the rest of them put together. I mean, Randy, Kara, and Paula thought Anoop was great this week but Simon trashed's like the kiss of death.

    It's funny because the people in the live audience boo Simon all the time but I really do think he influences the voters. But on the other hand, Simon always says, "America always gets it right" and I think that in the end, they really do. I might rearrange the order that people are eliminated sometimes but overall, I haven't ever felt like the wrong person won.

    I haven't voted yet this season, mainly because when Idol goes off here on the East Coast, it's my bedtime. :) But I might end up voting towards the end too.

    Great discussion and thanks again to Kathy for hosting us, it really is fun to read everyone's opinions.

  11. Hi Candi, yes I also think they are all good and will all get to benefit from the exposure in one way or the other. Thanks for your comments Candi! Have a great evening!

    Hi Annie, Rocker Nurse Amanda should have made the top ten to go on the Idol tour! I really want Alison to stay longer than Matt. I just think that she's a better singer than Matt and I thought she has been more consistent and more herself throughout the competition.

    You raised a great point. I agree that of all the judges, I think Simon's comments are the most influential for voters. And I agree that in the end (between the two finalists), the voting public has been right on. Well except that one year when Clay Aiken lost to Ruben. I thought Clay should've won.

    I should be the one to say thank you and everyone for stopping by and sharing. And actually, after Tatiana and Megan left ...I notice that we have all been pretty much in agreement on the standouts and bottom three. :) It's been a lot of fun! Have a great evening Annie!

  12. Kathy, now you've got me thinking twice about what I said!

    I agree with you that Rocker Nurse Amanda should have made it to the Top Ten or better. And I agree completely that Alison needs to stay longer than Matt this season. She might need to be in Top Three but I'm not sure it will happen with these strong guys.

    But you know what, after I said that I agree with Simon about "America always gets it right" I started thinking, and I really think that Melinda should have won over Blake and Jordan. Actually, I liked both Melinda and Lakisha better than the final two that year.

    I think David Cook was the right winner and also Taylor Hicks (though Daughtry was probably the most original contestant that season).

    I didn't watch AI yet for the Ruben/Clay season but everyone I know thinks Clay should have won. But maybe that's because he is from NC. :)

    LOL about Tatiana and Megan....they definitely added some spice to the talent pool!

    I watched "AI Extra" tonight and they had some great exit interviews with both Anoop and Lil. It was sweet because they showed some rehearsal footage and in every shot, Anoop had on his "Carolina Tar Heels" sweat shirt. I loved seeing that!

    Have a good night and a good Friday!

  13. Hi Annie, wow I totally forgot about Melinda! I agree. Melinda should've won that year. She was so way better than Blake and Jordan. America goofed sending her home in third place.

    Also now that I think of it too, Tamra Gray and Jennifer Hudson should've stayed longer on the show. I agree that David Cook and Taylor Hicks were right. I also think Kelly, Fantasia and Carrie Underwood were correct winners too.

    It's too bad that Anoop didn't go further but it's great that he remains loyal to your Tar Heels and is enjoying himself. He is going to be one very popular Tar Heel. How fun to see him wearing your school's sweatshirt on TV like that too!

    Thanks for your additional comments and insights Annie. I had totally forgotten about Melinda. Have a great evening and Friday too! I actually have Monday off and will get to have a nice three day weekend! Yay! I may even find the time to open up my guidebooks on Ireland and Scotland. :)


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