Tuesday, March 3, 2009

AI Recap: Group Number 3 . . . .

I wasn't feeling it and didn't have high expectations before last night's show. I think it is because most of my favorites with the exception of maybe three people were in Groups 1 & 2. But here goes:

Von Smith opens up the show and was pretty descent. Simon came down on him hard during Hollywood week but liked his performance. I didn't get the Clay Aiken comparison though.

Taylor Vaifanua was good, but if I were to compare her to Alison from Group 2, there is just no comparison. She's really nice and I do like her though.

Alex - I wasn't really that fond of his song and performance. I think for sure that he is out of the competition after tonight. Funny guy though.

Ariana- As they said, she's cute as a button but picked the wrong song! I'm hoping she makes wild card but that round is going to be even harder than Group 3.

Ju'not - I really liked him, but I'm not sure it was strong enough to make top three, but hopefully he'll make wild card.

Kristen - I like her. She almost reminds me of Goldie Hawn for some reason but was it a stand out performance?

Nathaniel - You might remember him for all the drama he went through (even by his own admission) in the earlier rounds. But I think he has his own style and I really like him, but I'm just not so sure he will make it in to the top 12.

Felicia was very good and I thought both her performance was good and her song choice too. I'm not sure she'll make top three, but I really hope she gets a shot at wildcard.

Scott was very good as usual. I'm really hoping he gets in to the top 12 so we can hear him sing and play his keyboards which is when I think he'll do even better. I think he will either make top three or even top male.

Country singer Kendell was good, but the competition for top spot is pretty high in this round and I'm not sure she pulled it off.

Joreg Nunez from Puerto Rico was excellent and he is definitely one of the standouts from last night and I think a top choice for male singer.

And finally, Lil Rounds was as Simon said, "brilliant" last night. She is definitely my choice for top female and my top choice for Group 3.

So what started out for me as low expectations turned out pretty good. Or maybe I'm just anxious to get to the top 12 compeition. :)

My top picks: Lil Rounds, Jorge Nunez and Scot Macintyre.

And that's my recap. Keep on rocking AI . . . .


  1. Great recap! I too had low expectations after the first two rounds and thought this group did better (without as many horrible or boring performances).

    And did you notice that they started using the Academy Awards-like music to put a time limit on the judges' comments? You said that they should do that and they did!

    I think your Top Three is probably what will happen.

    Lil is awesome and definitely the best of the whole group so she should get in. After her, I thought Kendall and Kristen were the best girls (I like Kristen's bluesy voice). But I'm not sure either of them will make it unless the Country music fans did a bunch of voting for Kendall.

    Of the guys, Ju'not was my favorite. I just love his voice and style. But I'm not sure he will get more votes than Scott and/or Jorge.

    But I think that Junot is better than Cris who got in last week. I wonder why they are not allowing people like Scott to play their instruments during these rounds? And I think one reason that these rounds have been kinda dull is because there isn't a live band, everyone is singing to a tape, just like Kareoke (sp?)!

    It will be interesting to see what happens tonight. And I am really looking forward to the Wild Card show on Thursday!

    Have a great day Kathy!

  2. As you know, I don't follow AI but while reading your post, something caught my attention: Jorge Nuñez from Puerto Rico! I had to check him out on Youtube. He's got a great voice and I loved his choice of song in Spanish. Might have to watch AI regularly.

    Happy Wednesday, Kathy!

  3. Maria, Kathy and I talked about your Puerto Rico connection while you were gone for the wedding! AI did auditions there this year, and there have been several contestants from PR including Diva of the Century (this girl named Tatiana who is on longer in the running).

    Jorge was wonderful on last nights show!

  4. I'm afraid I haven't yet gotten hooked by AI, Kathy. But I wanted to say that I love your new Photo of the Month, with the lovely fall colours around the Alhambra!

  5. Hi Annie, I think I saw the music thing... wasn't that when they didn't get to Randy! :) That was funny. I just saw tonights results and Lil, Scott and Jorge did make it in! Whoo Hoo!

    I loved Lil and I did like Kendall and Kristen too and you were right they didn't make it, which is too bad because I did like them.

    I liked Ju'not too, and I agree that he's better than Cris so I'm really surprised that he didn't make the Wild Care either. I didn't even realize that they were singing from a tape! I agree I think it will be much cooler to her them perform with a live band and play their instruments. Remember how great Brooke was when she was behind her piano and how awkward she was when she wasn't. Thanks so much for your recap Annie, I'm so looking forward to the Wild Card and then the top 12 to start. Whoo hoo!

    Have a great day tomorrow Annie!

  6. Hi Maria, yes Jorge is terrific and they were right comparing him to Marc Anthony! He has a really strong and smooth voice and seems to sing from his soul. His tryouts were fantastic. And as I type this I now know that he made it, so you'll definitely have to tune in.

    Also, as Annie mentions, there was another singer from Puerto Rico named Tatiana. She was called the Drama queen because she was so dramatic and pretty much all about her which is how she was portrayed due to AI's famous editing. A total opposite personality from Jorge. The funny thing, is that she does have a great voice. Annie and I were wishing that you could see her perform and now you will since Tatiana just made the Wild Card Show.

    Thanks for your comments Maria. Have a great day tomorrow!

  7. Hi Annie, hey...Tatiana made it. I just commented to Maria how we were saying that we wish she could see Tatiana perform to get her opinions on her singing. Can you believe that she made the wild card. Aside from all her dramatics I really felt like she has a good voice. I'm sort of happy that she is going to have a second choice. I'm surprised with some of the picks and I'm not surprised with others (Anoop, Jasmine and Matt). It's going to be a cool show on Thursday! And yay for Jorge, Lil and Scott! Whoo hoo!

    Thanks for your Recap comments Annie. Have a great day tomorrow!

  8. Hi Sandra, thank you so much for you comments about my photo. I love the fall colors too. The General Life Gardens in the Alhambra was really amazing and I just love that view. One of my favorite photos.

    Thanks again Sandra and have a great day tomorrow!

    BTW, that's okay if you haven't gotten hooked on AI.

  9. You were right on the three that went thru last night. I was shocked about Tatiana at first, but the more I think about it, she deserved another shot because she really is a great singer.

    Tonight is going to be fun!

  10. Oh, and I forgot to say that you made a really good point about how different Brooke was when she was allowed to play piano last season. When she tried to get us and just use the mike, she was SO awkward but she was magic behind the piano.

    I am really looking forward to seeing Scott play AND sing! Though I thought he did well this week (plus I really like that Bruce Hornsby song he did).

    Okay, almost time for Wild Card show here on the East Coast! What time does AI come on for you? Here it's primetime....8 PM.

  11. Hi Annie, Oh I'm so excited too! I came home early so I could get all my errands done and get ready for Wild Card Night. I cannot wait to see Anoop and some of my other favorites and I'm just praying that they all pick the right song to sing. The contestants I think are going to all go for it tonight so it will be awesome! Whoo hoo. I'm West Coast so I have 2 more long hours to wait! Whoo hoo again...

    Thanks for your added comments! We'll recap again tomorrow Annie, he, he!


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