Friday, February 13, 2009

Words that begin with "K" . . .

I recently read Girasoli’s blog, Shave Ice & Gelato, about this game where we are assigned a letter and we’re supposed to come up with 10 things that we love that starts with that letter. She got the idea from another Slow Travel Blogger called Fizzy Thoughts.

The letter I was assigned is “K”! And so in no particular order, here are my picks . . .

1. Kathy - I use Trekcapri as my username on the internet, but my real name (which I love) is KATHY. It is short for Kathleen, my legal name. No one actually calls me Kathleen now except for my sister. I remember growing up my mom used to call me Kathy too, but whenever I did something wrong, she always called me Kathleen. So when I was out playing and heard my mom call for me with Kathleen, I just knew that I was in some kind of trouble!

2. Kitten – Annie gave me this answer! I love living vicariously through Annie, Anne and Leslie’s beautiful kittens and cats and so last Christmas I asked Santa for one of my own, Little Ronda! Annie gave me the idea for her name when she read that I loved my visit to the town of Ronda in Spain. I love that name! I haven't found Ronda yet, but I’m pretty confident that I will.

3. Kinky Boots – How could I not think about this “K” word! This is the title of a very entertaining movie that was recommended to me by fellow bloggers, Sandra and Maria. HERE is a short clip about the movie on YouTube. It has a very interesting storyline, great actors and a really fun soundtrack. I love this movie and I highly recommend it too!

4. Kaleidoscope – This is the name for one of my favorite blogs. It belongs to Leslie from Australia. She has these beautiful photos and digital photo scrapbooking designs and I love looking at what she creates. I have been dabbling with it myself, but I am no where near as good as she is!

5. Kim – I love reading Kim's blog, What I Really Think. She has a great perspective on things and I alwasy enjoy reading about them. Kim is also the Forum Administrator of the Slow Talk Travel Forum which I also love. She along with several moderators manages this wonderful travel community where travelers from around the world exchange and share travel information and great advice. It's the only travel forum that I participate in.

6. Kiss - I love this song by the Cool One, Prince! :)

7. Ketchup – Something I love to put on my turkey burger or turkey hotdog. Although I do eat poultry and seafood, I don’t eat beef or pork. It’s been 12 years since I’ve tasted it and I don’t really miss it either. Some days, I almost want to stop eating poultry too. But I don’t think I could ever give up seafood.

8. King - I love being in the presence of Royalty and last November I happen to be in a small White Village town in Spain called Ronda when the King of Spain himself, Don Juan Carols, happened to be visiting.

9. Knowledge – I love learning about history, art, different cultures etc. which is probably why I have a passion for Travel. It allows me to fuel my knowledge of the world around me. The favorite part of trip planning for me is not the logistics, but in learning all about the places that I’ll be visiting.

10. Kindness - I love when there’s a lot more kindness in the world!

Thanks for the challenge Girasoli and Fizzy Thoughts!


  1. Oh my stars! I saw ME!

    Gees you rock! :)

    Hope you are having fun if you are starting scrapbooking. :)

    I've been doing it for 13 months now. It can take over your life! But then, there are worse things. :)

  2. Hi Kathy, great job with the letter K! I love that song "Kiss" too and guess what? Kinky Boots arrived from netflix yesterday. I hope to find time to watch it this weekend!

    Agree completely about #10 Kindness.

    Enjoyed reading this post! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's weekend!

  3. Hi Leslie, I love your blog and it was one of the first things that popped into my head when Girasoli gave me my letter. I'm just getting into digital scrapbooking. I'm really learning a lot from looking at your beautiful designs and photos. And I also love the words you come up with too! At the end of our blog challenge I may create another graphic.

    Thanks so much for your comments and have a great Valentines Day weekend Leslie!

  4. Hi Annie, that's cool that you like Kiss too! Purple Rain is my all time favorite but Kiss is my second favorite song. Oh I hope you get a chance to watch Kinky Boots this weekend. You'll really like it too. Yes, # 10 is so important. Even more so when they are to and from strangers.

    You have a great Valentines Day weekend too Annie!

  5. Kathy, you are indeed kind. Thank you.

  6. I think this letter was too easy for you :) Great list! I also don't eat beef & pork but am a mustard girl. Don't like ketchup.

  7. Wow Kathleen ;) what a great entry, I love your K words! Especially kitten and kindness!! I love the song Kiss too (but dare I admit it's the cheesy Tom Jones version I like?)

    Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!!

  8. Kathy,

    I have a niece named Kathleen, but she has never been called Kathy (I don't know why). Her husband shortens it to Kath, but that's as short as it gets.

    Good job with all of those "K"'s!

  9. Hi Kim, thanks for your comments. And Thank You so much for your blog and what you do.

    Have a great Sunday and week!

  10. Hi Girasoli, I'm just glad you didn't give me X or Z! :)

    So you're a don't eat beef & pork girl too! I also like mustard on my hot dog, but I gotta have ketchup on my burger! :)

    Have a great Sunday and thanks again for the word game. It was fun!

  11. Hi Anne, glad you like my "k" words. Oh no . . . Kiss by someone other than Prince. Tell me it isn't so! Just kidding of course. The cool one's song will make anyone singing it cool (including Tom Jones :)! So you go for it Anne!

    Have a great Sunday ...from your friend, Kathleen! :)

  12. Hi Nancy, thank you so much for your comments. It's interesting how many ways Kathleen can be said . . . I've had people call me Kathy, Katherine, Kath (also) and Kat. It's all good to me since I have no self Identity issues. :)

    Thanks for your comments and have a great Sunday Nancy!

  13. A wonderful list, Kathleen! I'm glad that Kinky Boots inspired a mention (and not something burgundy!)

    I would argue that no one can do Kiss like Prince -- not even Tom Jones, or Julia Roberts (remember the bathtub scene from Pretty Woman?)

    I agree that the world definitely needs a lot more kindness. And I do hope you find your kitten soon.

  14. Hi Kathy, I watched Kinky Boots and I absolutely loved it! What a great movie. It's just the kind of movie I like...heart-warming but not sappy. Lola/Simon is SUCH a great character (and what a job that actor did!). I was grinning from ear to ear during the Milan runway scene. So great. And I loved the music - I might have to buy the soundtrack!

    It had a really nice message about tolerance and also, I couldn't help but think about some of the things Obama has said about getting thru this economic slump...people need to think outside the box to keep their employees working, like the factory owner did!

    Thanks so much for your review which inspired me to put it in my netflix queue!

  15. Hi Sandra, glad you liked my list! :) And yes Kinky Boots inspired something much more than Burgundy! It also inspired two and a half feet of irresistible, tubular . . . . I just love that line! :)

    Prince is the man! And yes I do remember that scene. I loved that movie, but it was really tough listening to Julia Roberts sing that song!

    I haven’t had a chance to make it to the adoption agency showings as much these past two weekends. But I’m pretty confident that I'll be getting little Ronda soon.

    Thanks for your comments Sandra. Hope you have a great week!

  16. Hi Annie, I’m so glad you loved Kinky Boots! It really was an entertaining movie. I watched it three times before I mailed it back and I actually want to get the DVD too. I downloaded the one song from iTunes and will probably download a couple more.

    I completely agree with you about the message of tolerance. I absolutely loved the interplay between the Lola character and Big Mike. Brilliant!

    And you’re right about the thinking outside of the box message. The human will is an amazing thing.

    Thanks to you, Sandra, Maria and Anne, I’ve been getting all my good recommendations like Sister Wendy, Kinky Boots, Volver, Mar Adentro, Mamma Mia . . . .

    Thanks for letting me know that you watched Kinky Boots and loved it! Have a great evening Annie!


    Kathy, BarbCabot posted this on the Pet Board. You'll love it!

  18. Hi Annie, wow! Thanks so much for telling me about he youtube. I just watched it and was like Ohhhhhh how cute! I love the music too! The little cat looks like your Lulu, very pretty. And that is just so adorable how they cuddle. So cool! It really made my morning! I bookmarked it so I can watch it over and over . . .

    Thank you Annie, I really love it! Now I'm going to have that song in my head :) Good think I already have it on i-Tunes.

    Have a great Day Annie!

  19. Glad you liked it! It does look like a little LuLu. And I love that song too. So sweet!!! I love animals. :)

  20. Hi Annie, just saw it again! And I still love it!


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