Saturday, February 21, 2009

PhotoHunt: Warm

"All the statistics in the world can't measure the warmth of a smile." ~ Chris Hart

Happy Photo Hunting Everyone!

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  1. Oh how cute is that! :) Hope your weekend is going well. :)

  2. This perfect is perfect on o many different levels!

  3. Kathy, this is awesome! Such a perfect and unique take on this week's theme. Most people are doing sunrises and beaches (like I did), but you found something very creative and true. That photo makes me smile to look at it! Love the quote too.

    Hope you have a warm and happy weekend! It's very cold here in NC but I'm getting ready to go to a big art show and then I'm getting together with my nephews, so should be lots of fun. You have a good one too!

  4. Hi Leslie, she is a cutie isn't she! :)

    My weekend is off to a great start, no rain and I finally get to go out! Whoo hoo!

    Hope you're having a great weekend too!

  5. Hi Jerry, thanks so much! I just love this photo. I took it while visiting Pisa in 2005. It was a beautiful warm sunny day and while walking around I spotted this little baby girl just having a great time playing on the grass. I stopped dead in my tracks and asked her mom if I could take her picture. She was so nice and was acutally quite happy about it. She called her baby's name to look towards me and the little girl perked up and smiled and I snapped! Perfect! :)

    A warm and very pleasant memory!

    Have a great weekend Jerry!

  6. So adorable! And very clever take on the them,Kathy.
    Happy Weekend!

  7. Hi Annie, thank you so much for your comments. I loved your sunset photo and thanks to you it totally gave me the direction I wanted to take for my selection! I really love this week's theme because the word Warm conjours up so many images. I actually was going to do one of a campfire (fire to keep us warm and toast marshmellows) and do the whole friendship theme thing, but I somehow remembered this photo after looking at your post. It is one of my favorites. And instead of the whole warm/friendship connection I saw that beautiful smile and went with the warmth of a smile. And I was lucky to find the perfect quote.

    It's a beautiful weekend here (no rain)! Sorry about the cold in NC, but I'm sure you'll get warmed up by the great company you'll be in (your wonderful nephews). You're going to have a lot of fun today! Enjoy Annie!

  8. Hi Candi, glad you liked my choice! And I agree, she is such a cutie. Very adorable!

    Have a great weekend too Candi!

  9. Great take on the theme. Just adorable!

  10. Hi Cindy, thank you so much. And I totally agree, she is very adorable. That smile! so precious...

    Have a great day Cindy!

  11. She is sooo cute! I thought you might know her until I read your comment about taking it while visiting Pisa in 2005. Wonderful take on this week's theme!

  12. What a darling child!
    A sense of adventure, a warm day and a great hat...all set!

  13. Very cool to learn that you took this photo in Pisa! A warm smile from an Italian baby!

  14. Hi Girasoli, she is definitely a cutie! And it was crowded at Pisa but this little girl just caught my attention and I was so glad her mom let me photograph her. Thanks for your comments. Have a great Sunday!

    Hi Brenda, she is very precious isn't she. And I love her hat too!
    Thanks for your comments! Have a great Sunday!

  15. Hi Annie, she really is a cute little baby girl! And she just loved playing on the grass and when she perked up and smiled, soooo adorable. And thinking about kids, hope you had fun yesterday with your wonderful nephews. I'm sure that you did!

    Have a great Sunday Annie!


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