Monday, February 23, 2009

Kathy needs . . .

I read Anne's blog about a game where you google your name and add the word needs! What she got was pretty cool and funny so I thought I would play too! What I didn't realize is that there's another Kathy (Griffin) out there which totally gave me some pretty interesting results . . .

Kathy needs to give herself some credit . . . (I do?)

Kathy needs more attention . . . (not sure about this one either!)

Kathy needs to be back on the Red Carpet (Hey did anyone catch the Oscars last night!) . . .

Kathy needs to go on a date with BRODY JENNERS . . . . Hmmm, I'd go for that!

Kathy needs a lobotomy and therapy . . . Yikes! Can I go back to Brody Jenners again! :)

Thanks Anne, this was fun!


  1. Funny! You and Brody...could be a great match!

    I just googled "Annie needs..." and I got a bunch of "Annie needs a home" hits for cats and dogs named Annie. I also got:

    Annie needs to release a new album
    Annie needs prayers
    Annie needs a spanking (!?!)
    Annie needs a miracle

    Too funny. Happy Monday Kathy!

  2. Hi Annie! Unfortunately Brody is too young for me but then again . . .

    Isn't that interesting that there are a lot of cats and dogs with your name looking for homes, especially knowing how Lulu and little Maria came into your life.

    I think your results are interesting too and there has to be a really good story behind that spanking one! :)

    This little game is very funny! I tried my real name of Kathleen but the results weren't as entertaining as Kathy (thanks to that comediene)!

    Thanks for joining the fun Annie. Have a great evening!

  3. Very interesting Kathy. I am afraid to google "Candi needs".

  4. Hi Candi, don't be afraid, I think your's could be very interesing too! :)

  5. LOL Candi. There is no telling what might come up for you!

    Kathy, I did not click on the link to follow up on the spanking one - I was too chicken!

  6. When I googled my name and needs, my top hit was...lots of love and money. Sounds good to me!!

  7. Hi Girasoli, wow great top hits! Lucky you! But then again, I got Brody Jenners . . . He, he!

    Have a great day!

  8. Funny entry, Kathy, your comment on the lobotomy one cracks me up :o) And LOL on Annie needs a spanking...and I thought "Anne needs to win sexiest veg" was weird!

    It's been crazy for me at work this month, and also budget time at church (I am treasurer) so am finding it uber hard to write an entry every day and still find time to read. I miss you guys!! I want a whole day to just sit and catch up on all my favourite blogs :)

  9. Hi Anne, this was a totally fun game. Yes, my Lobotomy, Annie's spanking and your sexiest veg are quite the collection of top hits. Makes me wonder about what's out there in cyber spaceland, :)

    You shouldn't worry if you don't have time to read and/or comment. I think we all try to comment and read, but they are times when we can't get to everyone's but it's all cool. Catch up when you are able to. Thanks for so much Anne and don't work too hard this week. I really loved watching you sing your solo! Thanks so much to you and Dave again.


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