Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Flashback to where it all began . . . .

Late last night, a very special thought occurred to me and I felt compelled to write about it this morning. It's a little touchy feely but all so true. I have written many times about how Slow Travel and the style of Slow Travel has changed my life. It really had me thinking about how I actually arrived here.

In my life prior to Slow Travel, I was an active member of a Travel Board called "Trafalgar." Influenced by having just watched "Under the Tuscan Sun", my friend and I decided that we wanted to extend our trip and spend 10 additional days in Italy after our group tour ended in Rome. But how should I plan this part of the trip? When I asked for advice, a member told me to check out a site called Slow Travel and I did.

I lurked for about a month before posting my first question HERE! Nearly 5 years and 3 solo independent trips later, I find it interesting to read my question again and all the wonderful responses that I recieved. Looking back at that question now, I think that I would've given "me" the same advice that I recieved back then from people like blogging pal Girasoli and there are other names I recognize like Doru, KHB, Jim, Sally, Philip, Jonathan, Robert and Pauline the wonderful founder of Slow Travel (who BTW wrote these great travel notes on hiking the Cinque Terre which we used exclusively).

I have made it no secret that I absolutely love this Website. I am always inspired by the wonderful experiences and beautiful photos of others, I admire and learn so much from all the travelers (new and experienced) and I have also come to care about this wonderful community as a group, especially my blogging friends.

Some ask the question, is travel about the journey or the destination? My answer . . . I think it is definitely both. The destination is just a photo but the journey is the heart and soul behind the photo. It's the history, the music, the art, the traditions/culture, religions, the food/wine, the architecture, the people, it's the embarrassing moments, it's missing your train connection because you were enjoying yourself so much, it's even about being given a lecture by a local for drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee rather than their delicious Spanish Coffee! Slow Traveling and staying in one place long enough gives you the time to have these special experiences.

Although I have (I admit) browsed at other travel sites I always return to Slow Travel because it is the best resource on the net and most especially because it really is a community of people who really want people to have the best travel experience that they possibly can. Finding my way here has definitely changed my life and the way I travel for the better! I've definitely come a long way since that first question I posted in 2004!

And now on my next entry, I will describe in just one word and one photo why I love to Slow Travel and in a sense why I also love this site! So stay tuned ...


  1. Great post Kathy and I really enjoyed going back and reading your first Slow Talk thread! Funny how many familar names showed up on that one.

    I agree...it's the journey AND the destination. And I can't wait to see your one photo/one word post!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Wow Kathy, I have been trying to come up with a post like: yours: How did I get here? But could not formulate it in my head. Well said.
    Looking forward to your photo!

  3. Lovely post, Kathy! I agree completely, Slow Travel is a real community. I also look at other travel boards from time to time, but get turned off pretty fast -- people seem to use these boards to vent anger, say cruel things anonymously....in short, they can often have an unpleasant tone.

    I'm also looking forward to seeing your photo and single-word summary of ST! An excellent challenge.....

  4. Wonderful post, Kathy! A few years go I was active in a few message boards but left them after some nasty flame wars. Slowtrav is the only one I frequent and for the reasons you so eloquently expressed.

    I enjoyed reading your first post and the replies you received. You got a reply by the Queen on your first post. Cool!

    I can't wait to see tomorrow's entry. ;)

  5. Kathy, what an incredible entry, I Love it!! You have really captured the essence of Slow Travel. Can't wait to see your one word and photo. Actually I think I will try the same thing for my next post...ok, am off to browse my photos for inspiration!

  6. How totally cool...
    I'm going to enjoy following this!

  7. Hi Annie,

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post and also looking back at my first question as a Slow Traveler! :) It was fun for me too. Totally cool seeing Girasoli's name and all the others too! It seems like a lifetime ago.

    And yes, I do think the Journey and Destination of the Travel experiences are tied together!
    I can’t wait to see your one photo and one word post too!

    Have a good day tomorrow Annie! I'll probably comment about the Hollywood AI cuts after tomorrow nights group tryouts! :) Tonight was pretty interesting and did you see Anoop! And even Rose made it through. Yay!!

  8. Great post Kathy! Slow Travel has definitely changed my life. I was afraid at first to read what I had to say. I have been hot and cold on Cinque Terre. Also am looking forward to your photo tomorrow.

  9. Hi Candi, I’m so glad that you liked the post. Last night as I was reading comments on my blog and reading everyone's blogs, I just suddenly felt so lucky to be a part of the Slow Travel Community. It was fun and cool remembering how I found my way here. I consider myself very lucky to be here. Glad that you found your way to Slow Travel too Candi! Have a great day tomorrow!

  10. Hi Sandra, I completely agree with you about this community versus others. I think everyone here are very cool and nice and I also give a lot of credit to Kim and all the wonderful moderators who manage this site so well.

    The one word and one photo was tougher than I thought it was going to be. Maybe because ST and everyone here means more than one word and one photo can possibly say. But it made me really think about why I love it so much!

    Thanks for your comments Sandra and have a great day tomorrow!

  11. Hi Maria, glad you enjoyed the post . That’s so interesting that we’ve all been on other message boards. Slow Travel to me feels comfortable, safe and at home! Just like being in Italy or Spain! And yes, it was so cool seeing Girasoli, and Pauline and all the other travelers even Doru! It was so much fun reading my first question too! :) And my responses were so dang long . . . kind of made me giggle! Thanks for your comments Maria and have a great evening!

  12. Hi Anne, glad you like my entry and felt that I captured Slow Travel well. I can’t wait to see what your one word and one photo will be tomorrow! How exciting! I think Annie will be posting an entry with her word and photo at some point during the blog challenge too. I’m looking forward to seeing both your selctions. It'll be fun!

    Thanks again for your comments and have a great evening Anne!

  13. Hi Brenda, glad you will enjoy following this! Thanks so much for your comments and have a great evening! :)

  14. Like the others have said, you spoke for a lot of us in your post.

    Slow Travel has meant a lot in my life too, not only for the wonderful travel information but for all of the friends I have made along the way - that is priceless!

  15. Hi Girasoli, your advice was very good and my friend and I had the best time in Siena and CT. It was fun looking back and reading my first question and all the responses.

    Have a good day today Girasoli!

  16. Hi Nancyhol, ST is definitely a special place with a special group of people. Priceless is so true!

    Thanks so much for your comments and have a great day Nancy!

  17. Lovely feedback to read, Kathy!

  18. That's a really lovely post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us.

  19. Hi Amy, I enjoyed writing this post a lot. Thank you so much for your comments and all that you do to maintain such an wonderful site.

    Have a great evening Amy!

  20. Hi Kim, thank you so much and all the moderators for everything that you do to make Slow Travel such a great resource and a wonderful community for all of us.

    Thank you for your comments and have a great evening Kim!

  21. Hi Kathy, you remind me why I have loved ST for all these years. Sometimes I stay away for awhile but always return. The friendships that establish themselves over time and space are special and always real--something difficult to explain to other friends.

    Sometimes someone even brings news papers back from a foreign country for a little boy--just because she cares.

    Thanks for this entry and I can't wait for your next one.

  22. Hi Jane, thank you so much! Casey is a great kid! I didn't pass a news stand without thinking about Casey's enthusiasm and checking for any coverage of President Obama!

    It was great following your blog and looking at all of your photos and your get togthers with all the other Slow Travelers in DC. I was glued to the tube myself and thought of all of you when the camera's panned to the crowds after our president's swearing in.

    Thanks you so much for your comments. I love it here too and have made so many friends here on ST. It's definitely a special place to be.

    Have a great day Jane!

  23. Great post! You capture so well why we all love ST!

  24. Hi Chiocciola, I'm glad that you liked my post and feel that I captured why we love ST. It's such a wonderful community to belong to.

    Thanks so much for your comments Chiocciola. Have a great day tomorrow!

  25. What a lot of great comments you got on this post!

    You spoke for so many of us. Yes, you sure did!

  26. Hi Nancy, thank you for your kind comments. I think it's so cool that everyone feels the same way about the ST community!

    Have a great evening!


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