Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Did you hear it . . .


  1. I listened to every minute of it! We WILL recover (yes we can!).

    I never made it thru more than five minutes of a Bush speech - it was too painful and cringe-worthy to listen to him. How wonderful to have a President that doesn't make me gnash my teeth!

    Part of me is still very angry at the greedy short-sighted people who got us in this mess. But I'm trying to let go and look forward, like Obama is.

    Thank God he is our President!

  2. Sure did, Kathy. It was such a great speech. Warning but lifting at the same time. I really believe we can!

  3. Yes I did, and I truly hope that yes we can. I found the speech inspiring, and at the same time quite honest in that we are not recovering any time soon. It's such a relief to actually be able to listen to a president again.

  4. We can - I agree..He's a very inspirational prayers he can lead us through this.

  5. Hi Eeryone! I thought the President's address was so good and he really did well in discussing all the key areas that needs attention and fixing in order to get this country back on track.

    Hi Annie, I totally agree with you, after hearing his address I really feel so much more confidence that we WILL recover. I remember once during the Olympics Bob Costas in an interview with Bush made a statement about the problems in our Country and Bush immediately got defensive and said there are no problems. I liked how Obama said that he will be straight forward with the people. Awesome!
    Thanks for so much for your comments Annie and yes thank God he is our President.

    Hi Candi, I totally agree with you, he was upfront and honest about where we are and what we need to do to recover but he was lifting in that he is so confident, honest and clear on all the things that need to get done and I just feel so confident that he will come through on all his statements. And I really do believe in him and in us that we can do it. We have to, too many people are hurting. Thanks so much for your comments Candi.

    Hi Marcia, I agree that one of the greatest things about his speeh was you just felt his honesty and his determination to get this country back on track. He is such a great leader and I loved how he gets us involved, giving credit to those who volunteer to making things better. These are all campaign promisses that just over a month he is already working on making good on. I love it. Thanks so much for your comments Marcia.

    Hi Menehune, well said. He was very inspirational and I'll add my prayers to yours, that he can get us through these tough times. Thanks so much for comments Menehune.

    Have a great day everyone!

  6. I didn't see that Bob Costas interview...unreal that Bush said we don't have any problems. What a loser ostrich with his head in the sand!

    Kathy, you are right about how a great leader gets us involved too. I thought it was a nice touch for Obama to have those "normal" Americans in the crowd and the way he shared their stories. Loved the bank president who shared his bonus and that little girl from SC!

    Yes we can!

  7. Hi Annie, be glad you missed it. All it did for me was made me mad. I think even Bob Costas was shocked at his denial and he was totally speechless. He didn't know what to say and you could just tell from his expression that he wanted to say something but of course politics being what they are he didn't! I sort of didn't blame him. Wrong time and place for a political discussion.

    I also enjoyed hearing about those amazing stories, the girl's letter and that banker's unselfish generosity. Shared responsibility is what will definitely help pull us out of this mess. That and our great new President. Have a great weekend Annie!

  8. I got goosebumps when President Obama was announced! I thought it was a great speech. I have a lot of hope. I like the way he is honest and is set on holding people accountable. I also liked that his 3 priorities are Education, Energy, and Health Care...things Bush ignored or handled terribly (not that he handled anything well). I have a lot of hope that things will get better. It was so nice not to have to see Bush and Cheney again. Did you catch Jindal's Republican response? Even Fox gave him a thumbs down. Rachel Maddow was speechless!

  9. Hi Girasoli, I loved seeing Obama and listening to his excellent address. One of the things I really like about him is his sincere commitment and determination to make things right and his honesty! I just feel so much more confident knowing he's in charge. It's been a long 8 years of not feeling this kind of optimism and confidence. And I really like how he's making good on all his campaign promises. I never watched any of Bushes speeches. I just couldn't!

    I saw the first few minutes of that guys speech then turned the channel! It was sort of pointless to me and I don't even remember what he says. I'm glad I didn't waste my time. :)

    We are definitely in good hands.

    Thanks for your comments Girasoli. Have a great evening!


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