Thursday, February 5, 2009

AI Hollywood Recap . . .

You knew it was coming . . . American Idol Recap time! The real competition will actually start next week after the judges have made their final selection to move on. But watching the tryouts shows can give us a little glimpse into some of what we hope will be the competition's standouts!

I agree with Brenda's pick for Danny Gokey, the music teacher who lost the love of his life (his beautiful wife) only a few days before the competition. He has a soulful awesome voice and he is also one of my top standouts.

I also love Anoop Desai, a great singer from AnnieNC's state of North Carolina, where other great idols like Fantasia (my favorite) also came from. He is a natural and they are already dubbing him "sexy geek." If you saw the first tryouts, you'll understand why the term is being used. It's a Simon comment of course. I think he's cute!

I also really like Adam Lambert from San Francisco. The guy has great vocals and is an unbelievable performer as well. The competition will not be as interesting without him in the finals. I would love to see what he does (as I did with David Cook) with each performance!

Other standouts: Jeremy Michael Sarver, Jasmine Murray, Jorge Nunez and although a little cooky, the guy can sing, I also like "Norman Gentle."

And that's my weekly recap! Keeping on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Boy, I don't know what to think about last night's show. All that raw emotion and mean-ness! Too much drama and not enough singing, and I'll be ready for the real competition to begin. I was sorry and surprised to see Rose go, but good riddance to Bikini Girl!

    There was an article in my local paper about how the Top 36 list was leaked and that Anoop made it. Don't know if it's true but I hope it's true.

    And I didn't know that Fantasia was your favorite! I didn't start watching until Season 5 so I missed her year (though I've seen much of it on repeats). I think Taylor Hicks is my favorite winner so far. There have been some non-winners I really liked too, like Melinda Dolittle.

    Anyway, on with the show! And Happy Thursday Kathy!

  2. Kathy, I missed it!
    What about the Bikini Girl??Both you and Brenda mentioned her.I should look her up. Was she performing in a Bikini?

  3. As I previously mentioned, I don't follow AI but enjoy reading about it in your blog. I wished I had the time to listen to these talented singers.

    Happy Thursday!

  4. We are Idol watchers, somewhere around the second season, I think, but lately it looks like David is way more into it than I am, LOL. If I did not have the DVR and could forward through the commercials I think I would be over it. That said, we're watching but I refuse to become emotionally invested this early in the season.

  5. Maybe it's time I started to watch AI....

  6. Hi Annie, yes I agree there was a lot of drama last night. And I was bummed that they didn't show Anoop's group but yet they followed Bikini Girl around! Oh well.

    I had heard Anoop made it too.That list made it's way to some AI FanClub sites. I bet it's true! I really think Anoop has a really great chance. And yes, Fantasia is my favorite Idol. I also like Taylor Hicks, Elliot Yamin and Melinda Doolittle. I started watching AI during season two and have been hooked ever since.

    I was also sad that Rose didn't make it too. She was definitely my emotional favorite!

    Can't wait for next week!

    Thanks for your recap Annie and have a great day tomorrow!

  7. Hi Candi, yes Bikini Girl actually performed in a bikini during the first tryouts. She sang okay, but she has such an unpleasant personality and wasn't very nice to the girls in her group.

    I'm very glad that her 15 minutes of fame is over. I just think that there were better singers out there that deserved her spot more than her. I feel the same way that Annie does. So glad she didn't make the cut. Very embarassing that she is from Souther California!

    You didn't miss much! :) Thanks for your comments Candi. If you have time, maybe you can check out next week's show. Have a great day tomorrow!

  8. Hi Maria, glad you enjoy reading our Recaps! There are some very talented singers and this season will be fun to watch.

    Thanks for your comments Maria and feel free to check in for our AI recaps when you get a chance. Have a great day tomorrow!

  9. Hi Marcia, I'm glad to hear that you and David are Idol followers too! This is great. I'm also looking foward to the real competition after the final cuts too. I can understand not investing too early in the season. I guess I should admit now that I also vote after every show too! :)

    Thanks for your comments Maria and have a great evening. Hope you and David enjoy next weeks show!

  10. Hi Sandra, yes I definitely think it's time you start watching AI with us!

    Have a great day tomorrow Sandra!

  11. AI for me, for sure!
    Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert and Michael are my faves...and my favorite Idol of all time? David Cook!

  12. Hi Brenda, I really like Danny Gokey too and I almost feel that Danny and Annop are the two to beat and I can't imagine them not making the final cut. Adam will be fun to watch. I think that his strength is his performance but he can also really sing. For the girls I really like Jasmine and Alexis. Last year I really liked the two Davids a lot and was back and forth between the two after each performance. But in the end I think the voters were right in picking David Cook. He had great creativity.

    Thanks for your comments. I've been reading your AI recaps too and it looks that we are picking the same standouts. Have a good day and weekend Brenda!

  13. Kathy, thanks for clearing up the bikini girl issue for me. I will try to watch next week:)

  14. Tuned in to AI this week, too. Just didn't care for Bikini Girl from the get go. Don't think she was "idol" material-- she really had an air of arrogance about her. The fact that she just walked off the stage without congratulating the other girls just confirmed the "all in it for me" attitude.

    Thought the son of one of the famed Osmond Brothers would have made it through-- just goes to show that the judges do not play favorites to folks with "show biz" attachments.

    Best performance of the evening, by far, was the group with the 2 gals, Jamar and Danny. The acapella (not sure of the spelling on this one) number was just great!!

    Can 't wait to see what happens this week:)

  15. Hi Candi, yay! If you are able to watch it that'll be so great! But if you miss the episode, come hang out with the AI club and we'll fill you in! :)

    Have a great weekend Candi!

  16. Hi JeanV, glad you watched the episode and jumped in on your recap. I didn't even realize that the son of an Osmond was there. That's interesting. And yes I'm glad that the judges are being fair about it.

    I also agree that the acapella group was very good! I really think the guys are once again stronger this year than the females. I haven't quite made up my mind about that rocker girl yet. I liked rocker nurse Amanda last year, but this girl isn't as strong as she was. But we'll see. Next week will be a good show!

    Thanks for stopping by sis! Looking forward to your recap next week! :)


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