Wednesday, January 14, 2009

AI and the Cool One . . . .

AI is back with a new 4th Judge (Kara GioGuardi). And from last night's premier episode she seems to be an awesome addition! There were some standout singers featured and then there were the usual duds and divas! I have a feeling this will be a great season! Annie, I hope you remembered to watch it. :)

Yesterday my cool one concert pal, Yoli, told me that Prince is coming out with a brand new CD, Yay! As much as I am a huge fan, his last CD was a disappointment to me! I just heard samples of his new songs on his new website LotusFlower and it sounds like he has thankfully gone back to his old school funk and R&B roots!

And don't forget the big day everyone! On January 20, 2009, the world (not just the US) will watch History when our new President elect Barack Obama gets sworn into office. I just realized this morning that since my regular 9/80 day off is Monday which is a Holiday I actually get Tuesday off which is the official swearing in date! Whoo Hoo! I am so happy that fellow Slow Traveler Jane and her grandson Casey will be there! What an awesome experience that will be for everyone who will be there in person. I'm so glad that I will be off on Tuesday to watch the ceremony as well. I think my other blogging friends, all fellow Team Obama members will also be tuning in. Team Obama Rocks!

I did a little research and found THIS site for schedule of events so I can watch them on TV. It speaks of all the Hollywood stars and big name elected officials who will be attending the ceremonies, but to be honest I'm more excited and interested in the two star attractions, our new President Elect Barack Obama and the American People! We did it! Whoo Hoo!

Lastly, I added my name to the Adoption list for Little Ronda (and maybe Lola too) at a local adoption agency. Whoo hoo! I'll keep you all updated on that! I'm very excited. After reviewing my Cats for Dummies book that Annie recommended I realized that I need to kitten proof my house, so I've been pretty busy with that as well. Luckily I have a 4-Day Weekend coming up! Oh and then there is my B2V race coming up!

Thank you again everyone for all of your wonderful comments! Thanks to all of you I am feeling so much better.


  1. Wow, so much exciting news in this post! I am SO happy to hear that you are on the Adoption List! That is just awesome. You will get the exact right kitty(s) for you, I am sure. And I'm so happy to know that a wonderful kitten will soon have a good home with you!

    I just left you an AI comment on your previous post. It's going to take a while to get used to 4 judges but I think it will be a good change. And you are right...there were some serious Divas on last night! Sometimes I feel a little sorry for the "duds" like that guy with the super deep voice.

    Great news about the Cool One. And thanks for that link to the Inauguration info - I just printed it out. MLK Day is not a holiday for us, unfortunately, but I am planning to take a sick day on Tuesday to stay home and watch the festivities.

    I am very excited about Aretha Franklin singing at the ceremony - I love her!

    Glad you are feeling better. Great post! I keep smiling when I think about Ronda and maybe Lola, and all the wild and crazy kitten fun you are going to have very soon!!!

  2. I’ll comment later about this great entry but wanted to tell you that I posted a series of cat photos from Spain and all the time I was thinking of you. The words Ronda and Lola were on my mind as I looked at the photos. I’m thrilled to hear that you are on the list for adoption and that you’re cat proofing your home. How exciting! I miss not having a four legged friend around but I live vicariously thru my pet-loving blog friends.

    ‘till later, María

  3. Hi Annie, that's funny that you wrote a comment on my previous post just as I was probably writing my new post! I'm so glad you caught last night's AI episode. I think the new judge has a little bit of Diva in her too, so it's going to be a pretty interesting season. I just wonder how they'll break a tie now that there is an even number of judges? I also felt bad for that guy with the deep voice too.

    I'm glad you're taking a sick day so you can watch the ceremony. I think it's going to be so great! And I also love Aretha and am so glad that she will be singing at the ceremony. I'm glad you checked out that link.

    I can't wait to get my little Ronda. And I also can't wait to experience all the wild and crazy kitten fun too.

    Thanks for your encouragements Annie and hope you have a nice evening!

  4. Hi Maria, I just read your post and loved it and all of your photos. That story of the little girl and siamese cat was so cute. And that is so cool that Ronda and Lola was on your mind as you looked at your photos.

    I am so excited! I have more things to do to kitten proof my home and then I need to make a list of what I'll need to buy. I want to have everything ready because I'm not sure how long or soon the adoption will take. There are so many cats and kittens that need homes that I have a feeling it will be soon.

    I would be very happy to share my stories with you just as Annie and Anne do. I've enjoyed living vicariously thru them these past few months and have been loving it too.

    Thanks you so much for your comments Maria and for that great post on your blog.

    Have a great evening Maria!

  5. OOOOhhhh, kitten news! Babies! :)

  6. Hi Leslie, oh yah! :) I'm excited. I'm waiting for a reply from an inquiry I submitted (takes a couple of days I think because they had this really long questionnaire to fill out). I like how they really screen potential owners who want to adopt. They even require home visits, which worries me a little because I still need to clear up a few things to kitten proof my house. I saw the face of this one kitten and just knew I had to find out if she is still available. I'm crossing my fingers...

  7. I was thinking last night that you can sing that Beach Boys' song "Help Me Ronda" to her just like I sing "How do you solve a problem like Maria" to mine!

    Back to AI, did you notice that there was a guy from UNC-Chapel Hill who made it thru to Hollywood? It was the guy named Anoop who Simon called a geek (but he did have a nice voice). Pretty cool!

    And the new judge is growing on me. Simon seems a little bit more mellow this year, not quite as snarky.

    And the guy whose wife had just sad! He is a good singer and I think he'll be a favorite going in.

    Anyway, so far so good! Hope you're having a good week! Keep us posted about the kitten news (I told MariaI on her blog that I feel like we are getting ready to be aunts to your new little kitten(s)!)

  8. Hi Annie, that's funny! :) Maria must keep you busy singing that song! :) I'll have to admit that after thinking about the town of Ronda and my travel memories there, the next thing that pops into my head is that Beach Boys Song! :)

    And on the topic of AI, Yes, I did notice Anoop from UNC and I also really liked him. He had a really soulful, bluesy style which was very cool! I think when he works on his wardrobe a little, he will go very far in the competition. He has great natural talent.

    Simon does seem to be smiling a lot more this season! I wonder if Bikini girl had something to do with that! :)

    I'm betting he'll be his usual direct and harsh self when the competition gets more involved. I have to admit that I agree with his opinions most of the time. I just don't agree with some of his harsh comments and over the top analogies.

    I also thought the guy whose wife passed away right before the tryouts is really good. Very soulful. I think he's going to go far too. I really liked the last singer a lot as well. It's funny that even before Randy said it I thought she was also a cross between Fantasia and Mary J. Blige. I think she'll go far too.

    On the Kitten front, I was excited to receive an e-mail from the adoption agency telling me that they have forwarded my e-mail and questionnaire to the Foster Parent and based on my answers they thought that I had a good home to offer a kitten! Whew! They told me to also come down to their adoption showing on Saturday because they will have some kittens there too. I think I'm going to also check that out! But before I make any final decision I want to see what this Foster parent tells me about the kitten I inquired about.

    Aunts Annie and Maria! That's so cool! Don't forget that little Ronda's going to also have cousins Lulu and Maria, cousins Winston and Polly and cousins Pyewacket, Tigger, Trixie! :)

    Have an awesome weekend Annie! I'll keep you all posted on the kitten front.

  9. Oh yeah, I forgot about that Fantasia/Mary J. girl. She was excellent! Bikini girl was ridiculous and I can't figure out the tie-breaker thing with four judges either.

    I can't wait to hear about the adoption show! Or if the kitten you saw is still available.

    Wanted to let you know that some of us are going to do the "Blog Everyday in February" thing again, like we did last year. You are welcome to join in (there's a thread about it on the Slow Talk Blog message board) if you want. But you might be too busy taking care of your new baby!!!

    Happy Friday!

  10. glad to hear that you are finally going to take the plunge to having some "additions" to your household! I like the idea of screening potential "parents" for these adoptees.

    i also have been watching the new AI talent. I kind of liked the guy who recently lost his wife, the gal who lives with her 92 yo grandma and in the first showing there was this geeky looking guy who had a wonderful and soulful voice- just did not match up with what he looks like.
    i didn't care for the "bikini" girl- she just did not seem to be the "humble" type.

    anyway... will continue to view your postings to catch up on any new news and AI comments.

  11. Kittens - yay!!!!! ♥ If you get them before Feb, just think of all the entries you can do on them! Can't wait to meet them. My Polly's cute, but outgrowing kittenhood, so I am just starting to feel the need for a baby-cat fix.

    Glad your favourite Cool One is returning to the roots you love!

    Big huge YES, those of us up here in the frozen North (we sure do fit that cliche today...minus 39, what's that about?) are most anxious for Obama's big ceremony!
    Go Bush, go!!! (as in Go away, that is...)

  12. I'm not a big AI fan, but do watch occasionally. I saw the 4th judge on David Letterman the other night.

    Can't wait to hear the new songs from Prince. I have a friend that is a HUGE fan of his. Will have to let her know...

    My peronal leave has been approved and because of today's school cancellation for high winds that never materialized, I now have a 5 day weekend! Woo hoo!! Can't wait til Tuesday! Am SO SICK of seeing Bush on TV trying to tell us how wonderful he has been these past 8 years. The offical festivities start at 5 am it will be an early morning for me, but one well worth it. Thanks for the schedule.

    I am sooo excited about your cat news. What fun you will have.

    Have a great long weekend!!

  13. Hi Annie, I also like the big guy with the beard who is a welder in real life. I hope he goes far.

    The adoption show will be so much fun to attend. I've been working really hard to finish kitten proofing my house just in case! I heard from the foster parent and we are scheduling an appointment to meet on Saturday. Whoo hoo!

    I remember when you did the blog a day last year! That was fun for me to read! I'll go check out the thread on ST. A blog a day would be a challenge for me because I'm not sure I have enough material in my head for that!:) But I like doing new and challenging things. Maybe I'll give it a whirl. Well, I could blog a couple of times about my little one!

    I'll definitely keep you all posted after the show! Happy Friday and weekend to you too Annie! Enjoy your nephew's B-Day party!

  14. Hi Jean5856, Yes, I'm excited to get my little Ronda! And I think it's cool that they screen potential parents to make sure that all their kittens get good homes.

    I think Anoop has a wonderful soulful voice too. And like Paula said too, she was surprised and didn't expect what she heard from him. I think that's the cool part about these tryouts. The package is always decieving. Like remember the corporate crying rocker. I mean he looked the part and was good, but wasn't really at the David Cook greatness. I would be shocked if bikini girl makes it past the first cut. She's good but not great. Plus I didn't like her over confident personality. That's interesting that you liked the girl with the grandma. With her too, she doesn't look like a Janis Joplin rocker type singer but she was very good and I also liked her. For her (like Carly last year) she should choose her songs well. I hope she does well.

    Thanks for reading my blog Sis! I can't wait for when the real competition starts so feel free to jump in at any time! :)Have a great weekend Jean!

  15. Hi Anne, yay is right!I can't wait to introduce them to you all too! Polly and Winston are so adorable.

    Yes, the cool one needs to go back to his roots to please his hard core fans who love his classics. I'm thrilled. I'm hoping he'll tour too!

    I think it's so cool that our friends to the North are fans of Obama too. I read on Sandra's blog that Obama plans to make his first official visit to a foreign country, Canada. I think that's pretty cool. (Sorry about the cold weather up there). I guess I shouldn't say that we have nice beach weather here:)

    Stay warm and have a great weekend Anne!

  16. Hi Girasoli, what you're not an AI fan! Just kidding. AI isn't for everyone. I actaully didn't start watching it until the 3rd season myself and then I just got hooked! It's great fun! I'm so glad Annie and my sis likes it too. Another friend watches it also, but she's too shy to comment on my blog so we chat and make our predictions after each show! :)

    Definitely pass on the information to your friend. Being a huge fan she will be very appreciative! Make sure to give her his new website link too. It's pretty cool!

    Glad that your personal leave was approved. And school got canceled for high winds that never materialized (glad to hear that) and then your class assignment got extended.... You're on a serious roll.

    I can't wait for Obama to officially take over too. I'm so glad to say Adios to Bush and his worthless Administration. Wow, 5 am for you. But I'm sure just your excitement will make waking up that early easy for you. I have the day off too as well as Monday so I have a really nice 4-day weekend.

    Thanks for your comments Girasoli! Enjoy your nice 5 day weekend and the official ceremony on Tuesday! Whoo hoo!

  17. Kathy, that's very exciting news -- you're on the verge of adoption! I can't wait to see the photos, I do love kittens.

    And it's wonderful to hear that the agency does such a good job screening homes before sending them kitties. It's really horrible to think about what can happen to a small cat in this great big world.

    Might Lola be the name of kitten #2, perhaps after Ronda settles in? I love the name Lola -- the lead character in one of my favourite movies, Kinky Boots, is a drag queen named Lola whose signature piece is (of course) "Whatever Lola wants." Brilliant. I just bought the soundtrack (I think Maria was planning to do the same!)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Kathy, getting ready for your kitten -- and the inauguration!

  18. Hi Sandra, yes it's so exciting I woke up early today to get a head start on the day!

    I have been so undecided about whether to get two kittens. Annie and everyone I've talked to and reading materials all recommend to get two kittens (preferrabably from the same liter) so they can keep each other company when I am away at work. And unfortunately, I am away a long time. So it's very possible that little Ronda may have a little or big sister Lola!

    I have Sarah Vaughn's version of Whatever Lola Wants from her best of Collection. It's a cool song. I'll see if they have the soundtrack version too. I'll have to see if Kinky Boots is in Netflix. I want to say that I remember you writing about it on your blog but I have not seen it yet. Sounds fun!

    Thanks Sandra! And you have a wonderful weekend too!

  19. Good morning Kathy! Hope you have a great day in Kitten Adoption Land! And I laughed at your "worthless administration" comment, I could not agree more!

    I googled about the tie-breaker thing on AI and found out that Simon has the tie-breaking vote. So if the judges are split two and two, whatever Simon says (yes or no) is what happens. Interesting...I'll be curious to see how many times it happens.

    Oh, and it would be lots of fun if you join in the February Blog Challenge. Keep in mind that the posts dont' have to be long. Could just be a cute kitten photo or two. :) I know that last year some of my posts on busy days were short and sweet. And people are starting to post some ideas on the Slow Talk thread too.

    And hello to sis Jean!

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Hi Annie,

    Today could be the day! I have to calm myself down...

    And yes, worthless was the first word that popped into my head. That's so interesting that Simon has the tie breaking vote. So if the other three really likes a contestant they are going to have to convince Simon! Yikes, could be some interesting exchanges!

    I wanted to tell you that I checked the thread this morning and signed up for the blog a day in february Challenge! Thanks for starting that and letting me know about it. And I like the idea of doing more than one blog and then scheduling them. I think my blogger has that feature too! And I'm sure there will be some cute kitten photos somewhere in there! :)

    Thanks, it's so great to see my sis comment!

    And by the way did you see Girasoli's email about Twitter. I just signed up this morning. I still have to go back and read more about it though, but it does seem interesting!

    Have an awesome weekend Annie!

  21. Kathy, I can't stand the suspense anymore ... any kitten news? The blog aunties want to know.

    I saw Kinky Boots and loved it! Saw it twice back to back. Wonderful music and great acting. You can rent it from Netflix.

    Enjoy your long weekend. A friend of mine is hosting an Inauguration party Tuesday night. It'll be fun!

  22. Hi Maria, that's funny that you wrote this comment! I was just writing an update so hopeuflly you'll see it.

    No pitty pat of little Ronda or Lola yet! The decision is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be because there are so many kittens that need homes. And it's hard to tell what their personalities are like since the kitties at the show are put in these cages and they (the older ones) are a little shy and afraid of their environment. It makes me a little sad to see so many of them in cages like that. I wish I could help to find them homes too!

    I feel that I'm close to a decision though so stay tuned. I will definitely update everyone.

    That sounds like a really fun and cool Party! Today is the concert, which I can't wait to see.

    Have a great Sunday and enjoy your friend's party on Tuesday! Whoo Hoo!


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