Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ronda: Old and New Connected by a bridge . . .

Today, I took the first train out of Granada (7:15 am) and arrived in Ronda 2 1/2 later around 10:00 am. I really couldn´t see the gorge or the bridge from the station and for a brief second, I was worried that I was in the wrong town but once I went to get my taxi and asked for a ride to Hotel San Miguel and received the acknowledged nod I was so happy. The ride took just a few minuites and it cost only $5 euros. As soon as I step out of my taxi, I see the Puente Nuevo and I am immediately excited. I couldn´t believe my hotel was so close. Then when I checked into my room I find out that I have a great corner room with an awesome view of the Puente Nuevo right outside of my window. Whoo hoo!

The first thing I did was walk a few steps outside of my hotel and voila I am standing on the Puente Nuevo, something that I have been looking forward to a really long time. You know, I´m not afraid of heights or anything but I have to tell you that when I first approached the ledge of the bridge I was a little scared. And I think the reason is not so much the 300 meters height above the Tajo river, but that it literally drops straight down. Yikes! Across the street I see the entrance to the Bridge Museum right next to the very beautiful Parador. The fee is $2 Euros and you have to walk down these steps to the second level fo the bridge. In this little room there are these lighted screens that explains in detail the history of how the bridge was built, which was actually pretty interesting. It took 42 years to contstruct and connects the Old City to the New City of Ronda.

Next, I visit the Tourist Office which is located directly across from Hotel San Miguel in Plaza Espana (yes another one). I ask them where I can go to walk down to the gorge, one of my must sees. The place is located at Casa del Moro and is located not too far from my hotel. The old city is across the bridge from my hotel and that´s where pretty much all the sights are locatd except for the bull ring which is on my side of the bridge. But the town seems pretty small and you can wak everywhere. I first go across the bridge to visit a few shops then back over to the new side and waked up this pedestrian zone street that had all these great shops and ample numbers of places to eat (and drink). Visited a wonderful plaza called Plaza del Socorro and enjoyed a bit of people watching which included watching city workers putting up the town´s Christmas decorations! I walk back to my hotel and decide to have a nice lunch in their fabuous restaurant that overlooks the Puente Nuevo fromthe terrace. Sweet!

I think Ronda will be my kick back and relax town so I sit down and have a fabulous and long meal capped off with a nice glass of you know what! From the terrace of the San Miguel Restaurant I have an outstanding view of the Puente Nuevo and am loving just being lazy for a change. The sun is pretty strong here and it is fantastic sitting here with this view. I think I love Ronda too! No surprise there!

Here are some snapshots of my first day here . . .

My room at the Hotel San Miguel (notice the view in the window)...

View from the top of the Puente Nuevo . . . .

Plaza del Socorro . . .

Spinach with Large Prawns in garlic sauce . . .

My cheesecake with blueberry sauce dessert, yummy!


  1. How cool that you have a room with a view of the bridge. Your room is so big! That dessert does look yummy :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful beginning to your visit to Ronda! Your hotel looks charming and what incredible views you must have had!

  3. Thanks so much Girasoli & Sandra. I totally loved the San Miguel Hotel. My room was so comfortable and spacious and that view . . . really breathtaking!

    And that dessert was so delicious and not really as heavy as the cheesecake here. Very light and just as delicious!


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