Monday, November 17, 2008

Plaza España and some Sangria

Today, I woke up probably the latest time that I have so far on this trip. Too much Flamenco excitement I guess! Or was it the Sangria! No, it was the Flamenco excitement! I woke up to a marching band marching right by my apartment. I guess it is the Spanish way to wake up here on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Seville Spain! :)

I decide to finally make a trip over to the Plaza España using my Garmin (I know I'm cheating). I pass by some interesting buildings and take photos. I arrive at the Plaza and it is pretty large. There’s some kind of free exhibit of sorts so there are these white tents. The plaza is large and the architecture is very nice with some pretty tiled artwork (just as you mentioned Marta). There is a beautiful fountain right in the middle so I take several photos. Then I walk up to the second floor of the plaza to take more photos. It’s actually pretty warm here and it looks like the buildings itself are unoccupied so there are these vendors that were selling fans (3 for $10 Euros) so I buy about three of them for some friends back home. Almost directly across from the Cathedral is the Post Office, which came in handy for me. I mailed back all my warm clothes (don't need them) and all my souvenirs. I have to make room for my Spanish Jerez or Wine and other possible souvenirs. I still have Cadiz, Granada, Ronda and Malaga still left to go and didn't want to carry the extra weight.

I then walk around a little bit in the Maria Luisa park located directly across from the Plaza. I decided to head back towards the Guadalquivir river to look at the view there. As I was walking back to the apartment I heard some music and was drawn to where a crowd was gathering. There were these musicians playing guitars and singing songs. Then just as I get there, a girl gets up and she is about to perform a Flamenco dance. I was excited beyond belief. I took both still and video of her performance and let me tell you she was very very good! Good enough I think to be a professional in a place like Los Gallos. I’m still thinking about my evening last night. So even if I didn't get to take a photo of the dancers in Los Gallos or take a video of them, I was so lucky to stumble onto these students performing on the main street called Avda de la Constitucion pretty close to Puerta de Jerez.

Today, I thought I’d just hang around and goof off. Something I haven’t done so much of during this vacation since I’ve been so busy sightseeing and stuff. I find a café near my apartment called (and get this) Cafe Bar Los Angeles. I sampled some of their tapas which is a fish cooked in tomato sauce. I also had a drink similar to Sangria. I actually had two drinks and now I'm feeling a little uh oh! Told you I’m a light drinker. I might have to take a little siesta soon . . .

Wake up call . . .

The next three photos are of the amazing Plaza España

View of Guadalquivir River

She was such a great dancer and actually the other students were good too . . .

Cafe Bar Los Angeles . . . :)

Tapas anyone . . .


  1. I'm so glad you made it to the Plaza and thanks for the lovely pictures. It sounds like a lovely day exploring Sevilla.

  2. Huge plaza!! Wonderful photos! It is so interesting learning more about Spain!!

  3. Beautiful photos, Kathy -- that sky is such a gorgeous blue! Lucky you, to not need warm clothes.

    The dancer looks lovely. I love Flamenco, the rhythmic clapping and the music and the dance.

  4. Thanks Sandra. I have been very lucky to have really good weather here. The flamenco dancer was so good and her friends too. There is something very special and really soulful about Flamenco dancing and music. I love it too!


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