Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vote Obama-Biden on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. . .

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend and I was able to enjoy a couple of long rides (my last ones before I leave for Spain next week)! This morning while waiting for the others in my group I took a few photos to share with you all.

Isn't the view terrific . . .

Look closer . . .

And closer still . . .

Get the message . . .

It's as clear as daylight . . .

I decided that I needed a bumper sticker for my bike! I found out that there are a lot of fellow Obama-Biden supporters who like to ride! :) Cool!

Although I have been looking forward to my trip to Spain, it has not escaped me that there is a very momentous occasion coming up only two days before I leave on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. On this day, we will decide who will be our next President and Vice-President of the United States.

But before you cast your vote next Tuesday, ask yourself if you are happy with what's been happening in our country. Are you satisfied with the past 8 years? If your answer is no, get yourself to the polls next Tuesday and make your voice heard! It is the only way we can change the course of our country, to make things better, to improve our economy, to save our environment, to ensure that everyone has affordable health care and jobs to pay for them.

To find out where you need to go to vote, simply enter your address HERE and you will be given your polling location.

For more on Obama's issues, check out his website HERE.

See you all at the Polls!


  1. Kathy, I love this! "I'm Riding for Change" awesome is that! I love the photos - what beautiful scenery to ride by. Does it get cold in the winter there or are you able to ride all year long.

    Exciting times with our trips coming up (your next week!) and (hopefully) a new day in America very soon.

    Great post - now I'm off to look at the others you put up. Have a great week!

  2. Hi Annie! Oh yeah! Change is what we need! We were riding by a few McCain-Palin signs along the route (eck!), but I proudly wore my make-shift bumper stickers and blew right by them! Ha ha! :)

    We can pretty much ride all year long as it doesn't get that cold here. The only exception is when it is raining or ridiculously windy.

    I'm so glad I did my pre-trip entires, because it really helped me to focus and to learn the details of what I'll be seeing.
    Hopefully, the information will stick! :)

    I actually know someone that is taking the entire day off from work on election day, because he is too excited to work! I'm going to go into work late so I can cast my vote first thing in the morning. I would just be too anxious and pre-occupied all day long if I wait until after work!

    Today, I have the day off and am doing some final organizing before I start packing next weekend!

    Hope your Venice plans are coming along too. Or are you just to excited to think about that until after next Tuesday. I wouldn't blame you. I have dual excitement happening and it's actually kind of fun!

    Have a great week Annie and thanks again so much for all of your comments, encouragements and recommendations(I love Sister Wendy-actually I'm going to watch her again today). I'm really going to miss reading all your blogs while I'm away and so I changed my Blog layout so I can at least read little clips of your entries . . .

  3. I like the way your blog list has those little excerpts now - very cool! It's really fun the way we have all spread our trips out this year - seems we've always got someone's pre or post trip entries to read. I love vicarious travel with all of my blog buddies.

    I actually have done a little bit of Venice planning, mainly just going thru some books and marking things that I want to see on my maps. But I know that I'll be much more focused once the election is over.

    Get this - I just found out that Obama is coming to do a rally in Raleigh on Wednesday! I think I'm going to take off from work and go! I don't know for sure yet if I can get off from work but I hope that I can!

  4. Kathy, those are smashing views -- both of the scenery AND, of course, of your bumper-and-helmet stickers.

    I can't believe you leave next week, I'm so excited for you! Spain is going to be so beautiful and exotic. AND likely everyone there will want to talk to you about the US campaign, what to expect from President Obama, will Sarah Palin seriously try to run as Republican presidential nominee in four years''ll be an interesting trip for so many reasons!

  5. Hi Annie, you know I kind of like reading the little snippets on my blog list too!

    And I agree with you about all of our vicarious travels. It's so much fun to learn and share great ideas, tips and photos with our blogging buddies! I love it!

    I'm so glad that you are getting some Venice planning done. And actually if the outcome next Tuesday is what we want it to be it'll make planning even more fun than it already is! (knock on wood again)

    Wonderful news about Obama holding a rally in Raleigh. I hope you get to go. That would be so cool to see him speak in person like that.

  6. Hi Sandra, it was fun riding around with my stickers... I can't believe I'm leaving next week too. It took forever to get here and yet time flew by fast! Yet, another "perfect irony"! :)

    I do hope to get involved in coversations like that in Spain or even on my way over . . . that would be so cool! I hadn't heard the news about Palin seriously trying to run as Republican Presidential nominee in four year's time . . . that girl sure does live in her own little world. Which reminds me, I have to go see if they added more to that Palin Interactive sight on Jane's blog. Cracks me up everytime I play with it.

    Thanks so much for all of your comments, encouragements and tips Sandra! I really feel like I am so prepared and that I have a really good understanding of what I am about to experience because of everything I learned from all of you. I hope that I do a good job when I blog on the road!

    Have a great week!

  7. Hi Kathy,

    I love it!!! My aunt & uncle (aunt that was in the photo holding the Obama sign) are big bike riders. They go to California at least once a year and do a huge ride (few days long). I will have to send this to them.

    I can't believe your trip is only 10 days away now! I am sooo sooo excited for you!!

    GO OBAMA!!!!

  8. Hi Girasoli, very cool that your aunt and uncle are riders too! I've never done a multi-day ride before, but I've done a Century and metric century. One day I would love to do a multi-country bike trip in Europe. One of my many dream adventures...

    I was about to say 10 days, but then I had to look at my clock and now it says 9! Whoo hoo!

    Yes, Go Obama! I just read your blog and Annie's blog just a few minutes ago and I'm still rocking to that song of hope! Cool lyrics!

    Thanks again for all of your comments, support and encouragements during my planning stage. I hope that I will be able to blog as well as you did on your trip!

    Have a great evening! Hope you don't get anymore of those migraines.

  9. Hi Kathy,

    I just saw something on TV saying California is an early voting state. I looked it up to make sure and they do list Californina...if you wanted to vote early. This blog gives more info that might be helpful.

    Also, not sure if you realized that you can download that song. I did. I plan to put it on my ipod. You could take it with you to Spain!

    9 more days!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!!

  10. Hi Girasoli, thanks so much for the info on the Early voting locations. I'll check it out to see if there are any near me. One of my co-workers was also interested in voting early, so I'll pass that link on to him too!

    Thanks for the tip for downloading that song. I'll try to see if I can download it too and put it on my Ipod. It's such a cool song. In fact, you just reminded me that I need to work on my playlists for those long hours on the airplane and train rides . . .

    And now it is 8 more days! :) Yippeee is right and a Whoo hoo too!

  11. I will miss you while you are gone.

    Happy Hallowe'en!

  12. Hi Leslie, thanks for your kind words. I'm totally going to miss keeping up with everyone's blog! Hopefully, I'll be able to sneak a peak at your blog snippets while I'm away. :)

    Take care!


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