Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vote Obama-Biden: Time for Change is November 4, 2008. . .

Today, I'll be breaking one of my blog rules about no politics. But frankly this post is not about just politics. It's about choices! It's about change. And it's about our future.

I've been recently reading the entries of several of my favorite bloggers: Girasoli, AnnieNC and María.

In their blog entries you will find several links to some interesting discussions about important issues that face our country in this year's election. You will also find links to ways that people can contribute towards what I find to be the only choice to make come November.

Ever since I can remember, my parents taught me and my sister about the importance and privilage of voting at each election. As a result I have never missed casting my vote in one single major Presidential election.

Yes I can tell you that it doesn't matter who you vote for, just go out and vote . . . blah, blah, blah. But it does matter! We need to elect a president and vice-president that will move our country into the right direction. And as far as I'm concern the only decision to make is Obama-Biden!

See you at the Polls!


  1. Personally - my opinion is - that - it's your blog and you can blog as you want to! :)

    Hope your day is going well. :)

  2. I grew up the same way, being taught about the importance of voting. I am more and more fearful as the days go on that the focus of this election is not the seriousness of what path our country will take after November.

  3. Hi Leslie, thanks for your comments. I started my blog as a creative outlet to reflect my interests and hobbies and as a way to express my thoughts. And this election has been on my mind for awhile. After reading everyone's blogs and listening to the news, I felt inspired to express my personal views, politics and all.

    Have a great day!

  4. Hi Girasoli, glad to hear that you grew up with the same kind of philosophy on voting and taking part in the democratic process. I just wish more and more people do the same. But I think first they have to believe again. That's what I like about Obama, he can inspire people to believe. And I have confidence that he will carryout his plan for change more than what I've heard from the other candidates.

    I too am concerned about things these days, but I am hopeful that people are getting the message or will get the message before November and we can get back on course.

    Thanks again for your comments. Have a great day!

  5. Thanks Kathy, great post!

    I'm concerned about the fact that this whole Palin soap opera is getting too much attention and taking the focus away from the real problems that this country faces.

    But I think the debates will put the issues back in the forefront!

    I'm feeling very optimistic about a new and fresh start for Americans with a president who has a heart!

  6. Hi Annie, thanks for your comments! Guess what I did? After reading your post, I got on Obama's official website and made my first political campaign contribution! And then I went on Maria's and joined Kiva Team Obama. It seemed like a really good cause on top of that too.

    I agree with you, I think the debates will be awesome (for our team, that is) and will help to focus the attention back on the issues. I can't wait to watch them.

    Thanks again for writing that great blog entry, inspiring me to join in on the discussion.

    Have a great weekend Annie!

  7. Kathy, that's awesome - thanks for telling me! You know, I bet we are only two of many who are inspired to do more than just vote for the first time ever. It felt good to contribute. And like I said on my blog, I'm enjoying getting the emails from the Obama campaign now.

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

  8. Great post, Kathy! Canada is also in the midst of a federal election campaign and it really DOES matter who is elected. As in the U.S., Canada's election really is between pretty hard-right-wing Conservatives and a more moderate choice.

    For me, that certainly isn't a tough decision. But I think that too often we moderates (because we are moderates) become discouraged by the ugliness of a lot of political campaigns and tune it out. We just can't afford to do that anymore!

  9. Great post, Kathy!
    I personally can’t wait for the debates where hopefully the election will focus on issues again and not on personalities.

    I got some flack from one of my brothers for my entry on the Kiva Obama Team. I answered with "No way, no how, no McCain, no Palin."

  10. Hi Annie, I'm also enjoying reading the e-mails from the Obama campaign! I also feel pretty good about my contribution.

    I'm looking forward to the debates, which by the way I have to find out when they are, because I definitely don't want to miss them! :)

  11. Hi Sandra, thanks for your comments. I find it very interesting what you said about Canada's political choices as being somewhat similar to the US.

    I do hope that the voters will ignore all the pointless negative campaigns in this very important election and pay more attention to the real issues at hand. I think the debates will definitely unveil which candidates has a specific, detailed and realistic plan to get the US back on course. It's clear to me, but the debates will I hope make it clear for other voters who aren't so sure.

  12. Hi Maria, thanks for your comments! Sorry you got some flack for your Kiva post . . . but I do love your response! :)

    Have a great evening Maria!


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