Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Venice Re-Discovered

I finally finished my Venice Trip report. As I do with all my trip reports I have affectionately given my trip report a title: "Venice Re-Discovered."
Inspired by Leslie's very cool Blog: Kaleidoscope,
I wanted to edit this post to replace my original photo with my new digital photo design.

I'm not sure why it took me so long to finish my report. On second thought, yes I do. I procrastinated, was distracted, was disorganized and didn't take great notes. But enough about my shortcomings. I also found it much harder to write this report for two additional reasons; First, Venice is such a beautiful city filled with so many things to write about that it was really hard to focus my attention. Secondly, I have truly changed as a traveler. I really enjoy immersing myself in my experiences and in the things that I see and learn about. And sometimes that is also a challenge (at least for me) to write about.

I wrote this report like chapters in a book. Well, also because I didn't keep enough notes to write a proper day to day journal! :) It does have some logistical information which I separated out to make it easier to read. I included links in places where I lacked details or the writing talent to properly explain a subject. On each page, you will find my corresponding photo album.

I want to thank AnnieNC for encouraging me to write this report, because I almost didn't do it. I also want to thank my regular blog readers and supporters, Maria, Girasoli, Anne, Leslie and Sandra. I have learned so much from reading your blogs and viewing your photos and it really inspires me. You are all so awesome!


I hope you all enjoy it!


  1. Kathy, I'm just blown away. That is SUCH an awesome trip report - one of the best I've ever read! I can't believe you said it wasn't good enough for Slow Travel - it definitely is (though I can understand wanting to keep it on your own website with your other trip reports and travel notes).

    You know, I really love the way you organized it. I like reading chapters more than day-by-day recaps. Great job because it had to be a lot of work to organize it like that. And your photos are so awesome - I like the way you organized those too. And I love what you said about how getting lost and unlost is an integral part of the Venice true! It took me a while to figure that out, and put my map away and just roam around.

    Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am going to read it again in the morning. Thanks so much for the wonderful report!

  2. That is so sweet of you!

    I certainly understand procrastination, distractions, and disorganization! I have only written a trip report for two trips. I really should write them for at least my last two trips when I kept a blog. Because I write on all these little pieces of paper and lose everything, blogging has really helped (even though it takes time out of my trip). At least that way, I have a better memory of everything I did. I also have not done my hotel reviews for the past 2 trips!

    I don't think I have ever done a restaurant review. I am just not good at writing about food. Basically it was good or great but I don't have all the foodie vocab and order pretty basic meals most of the time.

    I need to hit the sack since I was up pretty late last night. I look forward to reading your report!

    64 days!!!


    I've never been to Bar da Gino but I knew I'd read about it somewhere and I managed to find this link. I loved reading about your Cafe Girls and I need to check this place out! I also liked the story about your Italy Mom.

    During lunch today at work, I looked at your slideshows again. You did such an amazing job putting those together and you took some wonderful photos. I love all the ones in campo San Giacomo dall 'Orio and all the other campos.

    Hope you're having a great day!

  4. I’m half way reading your Venice trip report and I love it! I’ve been taking notes and going to my Google map to add markers to some of the places you visited. Your photos are fabulous!

    I just finished reading about the side trips that you took. I too went to Ferrara but had a similar experience as you did in Treviso. I went unprepared for my visit and didn’t spend too much time there. I would have loved to see the castle but I didn’t feel I had enough time, so I left.

    Amazing photos of the mosaics in Ravenna!

    Great read and super job! I’ll be back after I finish reading it all.

  5. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your comments. I really wished that I would have taken better notes so I could have done a more detailed report on Venice to submit to Slow Travel. I am, however, determined to take better notes on my trip to Spain, so I can write a more worthy report to submit to Slow Travel. That would be cool! I actually submitted one on my Prague Trip and I would like to do another for Spain as a way to give something back.

    Glad you liked the organization and enjoyed the photos. With limited notes it was the only way I could think of to organize my thoughts.

    As for getting lost in Venice. It's funny that some days I'd start my day out intending to go one place and end up going or doing something else because I got myself so lost. Honestly that's how I found some of the churhces and campos that I took photos of. That's even how I stumbled onto Campo San Giacomo dall 'Orio. :)

    I checked out that link and that is the cafe! Cool that you remembered reading about it and that you found that link. You definitely should go there if you are in the neighborhood. The Cafe Girls are so friendly and they make great sandwhiches too! And I really loved "Italy mom". She was cool too.

    Thanks again Annie! Today was kind of busy since I had been off but good news is tomorrow is Friday and it's back to the weekend again! :) Stay safe over there in North Carolina!

  6. Hi Girasoli, I think I read one of your reports, because I remember reading about your love for tower climbing. And that is what has inspired me to tower climb whenever I get the chance too. I climbed the tower in Torcello!Great fun!

    I'm so not a foodie either (I wish I was) so I have not written a restaraunt review. I feel much more confident writing lodging reviews. I recently submitted my first 3 hotel reviews and have to still submit my Venice Apt. review and one more for Munich. For my Spain trip, I need to take better photos of my lodging to go with my reviews.

    I plan on blogging from Spain as much as I can. You did really good on your trip and trust me it was a real treat for all of us back home wishing we were in Italy! In fact, I'm going to actually use the new Slow Travel Blog Announcement thread to post right before I leave on my trip. Ooooh the pressure . . .

    TGIF tomorrow!

  7. Hi Maria, thanks so much for your comments! That's so interesting that you went to Ferrara and also to Treviso too. I plan to do a much better job for my Spain trip. I will definitely be more prepared for my day trip to Toledo from Madrid. :)

    Glad you enjoyed the photos and the report! And yes, those mosaics in Ravenna are spectacular! I was so speechless when I first saw them.

    Have fun planning! Can't wait to see your Google map! How exciting!

  8. Kathy - you have changed a blue day to a much prettier toned one for me. :) You warmed the cockles of my heart.

    I am so looking forward to reading this report. I love your blog and am really looking forward to hearing about your trip. :)

    :) Leslie

  9. I'm glad to hear that you are going to blog from Spain!

    Oh, and I wanted to let you know that in the "Sister Wendy: Grand Tour" DVD, she goes to the Prado!

    Hope you have a great weekend. The hurricane forecast doesn't look too bad right now. I'm two hours from the coast and they are saying that we will get some rain but that the winds won't be too bad. Fingers Crossed!

  10. Hi Lesli, thanks so much for your comments. I think I'm going to do a digital photo design for one my pages because I love the ones on your blog. I bought a cool program (I think called scrapebooking) and I actually recently did one on the Maria della Salute but I think I want to do a better one and add it to this report.

    Have a great day!

  11. Hi Annie, I think 3 of my hotels offer free internet and hopefully I'll find some next to some of those famous "tapa bars" so I can stop in and write something. I kind of enjoy reading my blogs after I return home. If anything its so funny to read what I was thinking about at the time! :)

    I heard that the Pardo is pretty popular and has a great selection. I need to add Sister Wendy's Grand Tour on Netflix and move her up my list tonight. She sounds very cool!

    I'm so glad that the hurricane forecast doesn't look too bad and I hope it stays that way! Thanks for keeping us in the loop with updates. I hope it doesn't scare Maria and Lulu too much while you're away at work, but at least they have each other.

    Have a great weekend too Annie!

  12. Kathy, I loved your trip report, and your slide shows were fantastic. You've made me homesick for the Pensione La Calcina! I stayed there for a week and although it rained during the latter part of my trip, I spent a fair amount of time having a drink in their floating restaurant, or at one of the little pavement tables outside the hotel!

    Your apartment looks fantastic -- what a great location. It must have been hard to get yourself out in the morning!

    And I loved your report on Ravenna and the photos. I'm definitely going to visit there.

  13. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for your comments. Wow, maybe it was something that you wrote that I remembered when reading before my trip. When I saw Pensione La Calcina, I knew that there was a great restaurant there. I loved that location! And I loved that restaurant. The view is fantastic and that meal was probably one of my favorites. It really made my first meal in Venice unforgettable. I can totally understand why you enjoyed your stay there.

    If you ever get a chance, you should definitely visit Ravenna. Especially given your interests. It was a nice overnight day trip from Venice. You can stay at the Hotel Bryan like Shannon and Cubbies recommended to me and have dinner at La Gardela. Great experience!

    I actually did like my apartment, it wasn't perfect but the agency was so easy to deal with and the location was excellent. Although I must admit that I really didn't take full advantage of the kitchen. :)

    Thanks again Sandra! Just checked your countdown clock . . . 7 days to go. Yay!

  14. HI Kathy, I love the photo design you did - it really looks nice. I've enjoyed looking at Leslie's digital scrapbooking designs too. It looks like a lot of fun.

    So you aren't going to take a lap-top and are instead going to blog from your hotels and/or internet cafes? I don't think I'd want to deal with hauling a laptop around (though it would be nice to have one in the hotel room late at night).

    60 days - !!! big news is that I finally bought my plane ticket. Venice in December once again! The flight only costs $100 more than it did last December, which really isn't that bad when you think about gas prices etc. I owe you thanks because reading your trip report and looking at your photos made me realize that Venice is really and truly where I want to go this winter. Thank you!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  15. Hi Annie, Whoo Hoo . . . . Congrats on buying your tickets! And it's so cool to learn that reading my report inspired you to return to Venice this winter! I think it's awesome and you're going to have such a great time. . . maybe it'll even snow! Don't forget to get a Moro of one of your favorite churches! :)

    And only $100 more from last year on your airfare. I feel like breaking out into a happy dance for you! :)

    To be honest, I'm very tempted to bring my little laptop. But with all my train travel, the weight is definitely a big consideration. It would definitely help me to keep track of my photos and jot notes down especially since I can type faster than I can handwrite... :)

    Yes, 60 days . . . Whoo Hoo! Are you going to add a countdown clock too? You should do it. That way we can get excited along with you. :)

    BTW, glad to hear that you all are okay after Hanna! And hope the girls did okay too!

    I had sort of busy weekend with my B2V commitments, but I still manage to find some nice relax time. I know that you had that big storm so hopefully other than that yours was great! Have a nice week and have fun with planning Venice 2008!

  16. oops, forgot to thank you about complimenting my digital photo design. I also love Leslie's designs.

    Take care,

  17. I finished reading your fantastic trip report. It is so well organized and I loved reading each chapter. I feel like I was there with you on your visit. I'll be re-reading it soon in preparation for my trip.

    Have a wonderful Monday!

    p.s. Beautiful digital design! I've been tempted to play with the designs but I don’t know if I have the computer skills do it.

  18. Hi Maria, thanks for your kind comments. You're going to have such a great time in Venice! I'm going to really enjoy hearing about your experiences.

    I have been inspired by Leslie's beautiful designs on her blog! It's so much fun.

    Have a great evening!

  19. Hi Maria, thanks for your kind comments. You're going to have such a great time in Venice! I'm going to really enjoy hearing about your experiences.

    I have been inspired by Leslie's beautiful designs on her blog! It's so much fun.

    Have a great evening!

  20. wow, your report looks most impressive!! (I haven't read it yet though - am saving it for the weekend - it's been so hectic lately and I want to be able to savour it.) I completely understand ALL your reasons for not getting it written before now! I never did get a report written up for my trip last summer (ooops...I blush with shame.) I'll do better this trip...well, I'll try anyway!

    I heartily agree with you about the other readers and supporters of your blog - I feel the same way about you! You, Annie, Maria, Girasoli, Leslie, Sandra and Chiocciola have really lifted me up some days with kind and/or hilarious comments! And isn't it just so wonderful to have a gang of "regulars"?!

  21. Hi Anne, thanks so much for your comments. I just read on Sandra's blog that you only have 3 weeks before you leave. How exciting for you . . .

    And I agree with you so much about the wonderful group of regulars. The wealth of knowledge, the great support and encouragement and the wonderful sense of humor . . . . There are days when I can hardly wait to check for new entries.

    Have a great evening.


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