Sunday, August 24, 2008

2008 Summer Olympics: The heart of a champion . . .

I have to say that China did a great job at hosting the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing. During the past two weeks, we witnessed a long standing record of 7 Gold Medals won in one Olympics by US Swimmer, Mark Spitz, be broken by another American swimmer, Michael Phelps. The new mark to beat, an incredible 8 gold medals. I'm pretty sure that record will hold for many years to come!

During the games, we also witnessed the changing of the guards in the new USA Women's soccer team who won Gold, we were treated to the superb artistry of the Chinese divers who nearly won it all if it had not been for one outstanding Australian diver, we watched history unfold with a US 1-2 punch in the Women's' All-Around Gymnastics, we saw the hands of time be defied by American Silver medal winner, Dara Torres, we saw 4 Southern Californians take gold in Women's and Men's Beach Volleyball and we saw a 21 year-old athlete win the first Gold medal in the men's marathon race for his country of Kenya.

I really enjoyed watching the games and cheering on the US athletes and when there were no Americans to cheer on, I actually found myself cheering for the athletes from some of the countries that I visited like the Czech Republic rowing teams and the Italian cyclists.

And as these Olympics games have reminded us, the heart of a Champion comes in many different shapes, sizes and color, they speak in different languages, they have different beliefs and traditions, they eat different foods and live in very different places around the world. But in the end they all share the same pride in representing their country, they have the same love for their sport and they have the same dedication to excellence and for the spirit of competition. And whether or not they won Gold, Silver, Bronze or came in last during these games, they are all Olympians . . . the best in the world! This is why I love the Olympics. Don't forget closing ceremonies tonight . . . it's Party Time!

74 days! I think I'm feeling it! :)


  1. I enjoyed the Olympics also! I watched so much that I was sleep deprived at work many days.

    Although I have to say I was not completely thrilled with some of the NBC coverage. My complaints include: cutting out important parts for commercials (even when the event was not live), not televising events live and instead having to wait all day to watch the event (such as the Women's volleyball finals) and then after watching 6 hours of other events I really was not interested in such as boxing, knowing who won when it came down to the fourth game since there was no enough time for a fifth game (even after I made sure to not look at any webpage all day that might announce who won). I also never understand why they don’t show more of other countries during the gymnastic events. I would have rather have seen a couple of more athletes compete instead of Bella’s take on each event.

    But, even so, the games were good!

  2. Hi Girasoli, I agree that it was difficult with the time difference to stay on top of the events. I had to tape a lot of it and then watch it when I found the time.

    Although the closing ceremonies was spectacular I was hoping that they NBC would show more of the athletes in the middle. Maybe a lot of them went home already but it still would've been cool to see some of the party atmosphere in the crowd.

    Overall a great games! Can't wait until Vancouver in 2010! Thanks for your comments and have a great week.

  3. Great post Kathy! I really can't believe it's over - seems like time is just flying by. I really enjoyed the parts I got to watch and think that China did a fine job as hosts. It will be interesting to see how different it will be in 2012 in Britain.

    And 73 days! That is not long at all! I know that you are getting SO excited!

  4. I'm here hiding my head in shame because I have to admit that I watched very few events and missed the closing ceremony (but I pushed that DVR button on time!). My life has been too hectic lately and when I turned on the TV to watch the games at night, I'd fall asleep in a few minutes. I hope you all will have clemency on me and continue to be my blogging friends.;-)

    I'm finally beginning to do some planning on my trip. I put together a list of souvenirs to bring from Spain with the intention of posting it on the blog but after 'talking' with Shannon I changed my mind and will be posting it on the MB. Check it out later this evening.

    Happy Monday, Kathy!

  5. Hi Annie, Thanks for your comments. Yes, time really flew by. It's going to be difficult to top what China did, but I'm sure London will try their very best. It will be interesting for sure.

    73 days! And yes I'm very excited! It's so cool learning about everything.

    Thanks again for your comments and have a nice week! I actually have a five day weekend coming up this week! Yay!

  6. Hi Maria, no need to hide or have clemency from your blogging friends! Trust me, I fell asleep several times myself. My VCR was working overtime this past two weeks.

    Glad that you're getting to do some planning for your trip. Sometimes I have to really make time for my reading and it's tough to do during the summer months when I'd rather be outside.

    It's cool that you're putting together a list. It would be nice to find something that I can really treasure like my little moro miniatures from Venice. I wonder if there's an equal version from Spain.

    I'll go check out your post on the boards.

    Thanks again for your comments and have a nice evening!

  7. María, don't feel bad. I fell asleep by 9:30 each night and then woke up about midnight or 1 am, watched more of the Olympics and then was sleep deprived the next day. It was a vicious cycle. I finally got burned out and watched the Sound of Music instead yesterday - but still have more recorded Olympics to watch. It was hard keeping up for those not on vacation.

  8. Kathy, I've got a four-day weekend coming up and I'm SO excited! Hope that yours is great.

    Maria, don't feel bad at all! I didn't watch as much as I thought I would and part of it was not being able to stay awake!

    It was funny watching the Democratic Convention last night. After all that high tech razzle dazzle of the Olympics, the convention looked so low tech!

  9. Hi Annie, 4-Day long weekend, that's very exciting! I'm excited for you. Hope you have something very cool lined up!

    It definitely was a challenge to stay on top of the olympics with the time difference. Girasoli, I also got a little sleep deprived as I would wake up really early to see some of the events. I taped others and for the rest I read the morning paper to catch up.

    Annie, What a coincidence . . . I tuned into the convention too! :) November will be a "huge" election.

  10. Did you watch last night? I thought Hillary's speech was really really good. I enjoyed that Governor from Montana too.

    A friend of mine is there - he's one of the delegates from NC and I've been hoping to get a glimpse of him in the crowd but I haven't yet.

  11. Hi Annie, yes I watched it. The station I was watching didn't let us listen to Gov. Montana's speech but I definitely heard Hillary's entire speech.

    I agree that she did a great job. The speech itself was cleverly crafted, the message was clear and her delivery was probably one of the best that she's done. There were several excellent one liners! I thought she did a great job too! Yay!

    How awesome that your friend is a delegate for NC. It must be a very cool experience. I hope you will be able to spot him soon! I bet he'll have some great stories to tell you when he returns!

    Bill's speech tonight will be very interesting too! I'm going to watch it as well.

    Have a nice evening Annie!

  12. Well, I watched the Roll Call last night hoping to get a glimpse of my friend but they stopped before they got to North Carolina!

    Then I read in the paper that they have put the NC delegates way up high in the nose bleed section, and speculation is that they don't want anyone thinking about NC or John Edwards, LOL

    I thought Bill was great last night and I can't wait to hear Obama tonight!

    And I saw you mention "your guitar" in Maria's comments - you play guitar?! That is very cool! Yes, bring it to Venice in 2010!

  13. Hi Annie, I wonder if you saw your friend last night. It seems that all the delegates were gather down near the stage but with so many people in that stadium holding blue signs it must have been hard. That is so interesting what the paper reported about NC and John Edwards. Politics can be so crazy sometimes.

    I thought Bill was good as usual. I actually think I've seen better from him but he really did do his job.

    I thought Obama's speech was outstanding as usual. And I really liked how he was upfront and honest about the mutual responsibility of everyone and not just the government. I think he provided his policy pretty well and delivered it with a gental touch and an exclamation point!

    It'll be interesting what happens at the other convention! :)

    Yes, I do play. Although I'm no where near as good as the cool one! :) If everyone can make it to Venice in 2010 that would be so off the hook amazing! That would be one very cool ride.

    Have an great weekend Annie!


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