Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Through the eyes of a child . . .

One of the big highlights that I have planned for my trip to Spain in November is to see an authentic Flamenco show. Wikipedia's definition . . . Flamenco is a dance genre originating in the Andalusia region of Spain. The dance is described as a strong rhythmic, powerful yet graceful style of dance with intricate hands and footwork. The performances can be pulsating, sensual, passionate, strong, colorful, electric and rhythmically explosive!

Frankly, there are probably a hundred different ways that one can describe a good authentic Flamenco dance to another person . . . and I have logged many hours on the Internet searching these definitions out.

Recently, I was chatting on-line with my Slow Traveler and fellow blogger friend, Maria (My Place in the Sun), about my interest in seeing an Authentic Flamenco performance when I visit Spain. She began to tell me a story of how in 1981 she, her husband and her son went to see a live Flamenco show. She said that during the show her then two-year-old son, was so excited and captivated watching the Flamenco performers that he stood throughout the entire show, smiled and clapped a lot!

Maria said that she took several photos of that evening. I mentioned that if she were able to find those photos, it would be so cool if she could post them. On that very same evening, Maria took the time to go through her old family photos, found the exact photos of the performance (with the name of the Theatre House, Los Gallos), scanned them and posted them on her blog HERE. In one of the photos she posted, you can see her son standing near the stage. By the expression on his face, you can immediately tell that he was so happy to be watching the dancers and listening to the incredible music. Priceless!

And then she went on my blog to let me know that she found them and that she posted them on her blog so I could see the photos and get the link to the Theatre House. That was so incredibly nice of her. I mean really, really nice.

When I saw her wonderful family vacation photos and especially the one with her two-year-old son in the audience up near the stage I suddenly realized that the very best way to describe an authentic Flamenco performance was simply through the eyes of a child . . .

Check out Maria's wonderful blog entry HERE about this very memorable family trip to Spain and her son's wonderful experience seeing his very first live Flamenco performance! So cool!

Thank you so much Maria!


  1. I love this! "Through the eyes of a child" is such a great way to look at the world. And I love the exchange of info and ideas in our blog community!

    Kathy, do you have any pets? Maybe you should get a kitten! I am having such a blast with mine.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. Oh Kathy, thank you so much for this lovely post; I read it with tears in my eyes. Our trips to Spain were very special because they were our first trip as a family. My son was 3 months old the first time we set foot in Spain and 23 months on our last trip. Now that I’ve looked at my old photos I’ve made an executive decision of definitely going to Spain in the Fall. Now comes the hard part: informing my husband. It would be wonderful to GTG in Spain. I’ll be in touch with you as I come up with an itinerary.
    Your trip is going to be wonderful and you are going to love Spain! Sevilla and Granada are wonderful cities with a very rich culture. Think Moorish. I haven’t been to Málaga or Cádiz so I’ll be waiting to see them thru your posts and photos.
    Thanks again for making my day and have a wonderful day!

  3. What an excellent idea, Kathy, to see an authentic Flamenco dance exhibition. I saw a small Flamenco show in Montreal a couple of years ago, when a Spanish dance troupe was in the city. It was amazing, really moving.

    Spain sounds so intriguing. A friend of mine, who has just moved to San Francisco from Ottawa, is from the Basque region and as a going away present SHE gave ME a very interesting history of the Basque people. I've just started it, but it looks very compelling.....

  4. Hi Annie, I totally agree. . . children see things in the purest sense. I think as adults we tend to forget how wonderful it is to just let go and enjoy the things we see with that kind of innocense. As Anne said so well in one of her posts, sometimes you just have to let our inner child come out! In my case, it may come out too often! :)

    The Slow Travel Community is so awesome. I'm very thankful that I stumbled upon it.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any pets. I'm away at work all day and sometimes I don't get home until the evening so I think I would feel so bad for my kitten. But your latest Miss Sticky Paws Maria post has really got me re-thinking.

    Thanks for your comments and have a great long 4th of July weekend! Hope Miss Sticky Paws doesn't get herself into anymore mischief!

  5. Hi Maria, I am so happy that you are able to remember that very first family trip to Spain with such fondness. These special moments in our lives can truly remain unforgettable. When I read your description of that evening at Los Gallos and took one look at your son standing in the middle of all those adults in the audience and those flamenco dancers in the background and saw his expression, I thought to myself . . . priceless!

    I think it would be so great to meet up for a GTG in Spain so I'm really hoping that our paths will be able to cross! We'll definitely have to stay in touch.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  6. Hi Sandra, yes I'm very excited about seeing a Flamenco show.

    That was really nice of your friend to give you some history of the Basque people. In my trip planning, I'm really learning that Spain is so diverse. It's been fun getting to know this country for the first time.

    After Ireland, you'll have to go visit!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Maria, I forgot to mention this on my previous post . . . I loved your "Executive Decision"! :)


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