Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On the wings of a prayer . . .

This post is in support for a fellow Slow Traveler who asked that her blog readers light a candle and say a special prayer for her dear friend, Susie, who is currently fighting a difficult battle with cancer.

I lit two candles and said a special prayer for Susie at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels here in Los Angeles, California. Susie, may these prayers and all the prayers from around the world give you strength.


  1. How beautiful. I know Deborah will be so grateful to you!

    And what an interesting church! Is that your regular church in California?

  2. Thanks Annie! Actually, my regular church is St. James in Redondo Beach, but this wonderful Cathedral is located only two blocks away from my office in downtown Los Angeles so I thought it would be cool to light a couple of candles there.

    This was the first time that I visited the Cathedral. It’s a really beautiful church. Very contemporary and made to represent the diversity of Los Angeles. The Slow Travel community is really an amazing group of caring people! It’s no wonder I’m still here.

    Thanks again for your comments. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Hi Kathy,
    What a beautiful post in support of Susie and what a wonderful thing Deborah is doing for her dear friend. I hope she gets to share with Susie the story of the prayers and the pictures of the candles being lit up in her honor.
    The pictures are lovely; I like the votive candles in your church.

  4. Thanks Maria, I totally agree with you. I've always liked Deborah's posts on ST and when I read her dedication to her friend, I was really moved by her gesture. I'll keep them in my thoughts.

    I like those candles too! Thanks again for your comments.

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Kathy,
    I wanted to tell you that you inspired me to write a blog post about Susie. I was going to email the pictures to Deborah but then I remembered your beautiful post and thought how much Deborah will appreciate a blog post dedicated to Susie. I just hope that she's gaining strength by all the prayers and candles from the Slowtrav community.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog and happy Sunday!

  6. Hi Maria, my apologies for the delay in responding to your comments. I changed my format to moderate comments because I didn't want to do that hidden word thing anymore and yet I also wanted to avoid possible spam. I did some research and discovered a way to have a message e-mailed to me when new comments are posted. Pretty cool feature.

    I thought your post was incredibly moving. The photos and the special prayer was so touching.

    I'm glad my post inspired you. I was compelled to write it after e-mailing Deborah the photos, because I was so inspired by Susie's courage and grace and Deborah's gesture.

    And if I was in Venice right now, I would run myself right over to my favorite Maria Salute Church to light a candle for her.

    I'm pretty sure that all the prayers and well wishes from the Slow Travel Community has already made their way to Susie. I also hope that they will give her and her friends and family comfort and strength.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  7. Hi Kathy,
    When I left to go to Atlanta last month I changed my settings so that comments were automatically posted. I’ve been having problems with my main email address for sometime now and didn’t want to miss having the comments posted. I’ve gotten a couple of spam comments on my blog but they’ve been posted on older entries and I’ve deleted them.
    I need to email the photos to Deborah and a link to the entry. What address did you use, the one on her ST profile?

  8. Hi Maria, yes I used the e-mail address that Deborah posted on her ST profile.

    When she returns from her awesome trip, I think Deborah will be so touched by the outpour of prayers from the ST community for her friend Susie. She will so appreciate recieving copies of your photos and the link to your beautiful post. It was so great reading it from my own personal perspective.

    I think the internet is such a powerful tool that can be used for so many positive and meaningful uses. Look at what happened to Arnel Pineda!:)

    I haven't recieved any spam comments on this blog yet (knock on wood), but I read so much about it. I added the notify feature to my iPhone which I check more often than my home computer so I think this will help a lot.


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