Monday, May 26, 2008

Practice makes perfect . . .

Today was an absolutely spectacular Day! Not too hot, not too cold . . . but just "right"!

Stayed in town over the long Memorial Day Weekend and enjoyed the sun, music and food at the Hermosa Beach Festival ! The weather was a little cool on Saturday but it was nearly perfect yesterday and today. A great day for a ride and then chilling at the beach listening to "free" entertainment!

For some reason today's fun activities, reminded me of the fun time my friend and I had while hiking the very beautiful Cinque Terre in Italy. So this evening, I was suddenly motivated to create that video I've been wanting to make of our hike experience. I must warn you that I made some gigantic mispronunciations of the towns. But since practice makes perfect . . . I intend to return to Italy again and again and again until I can get it right! After all, it's the only right thing to do! :) (Note: Video is quite long!)


  1. Kathy, that's fantastic! Thanks. When (not if!) I go to Florence in October, I may have to take a couple days to visit the Cinque Terre. I haven't had the pleasure yet but think it is stunning.

  2. Kathy (Trekcapri)May 27, 2008 at 7:36 PM

    Hi Anne, thank you so much for your comments. It's sort of a silly video and I had to do a bit of editing on it, but I just had to do one. I'll probably do another one on Venice!

    Lucky you to be going to Florence in October! I think you would really love Cinque Terre too.

    I hope to hear more about your trip to Florence in October.

    Happy trip planning! :)

  3. Hey Kathy, I'm going to have to wait until my new computer comes to watch this video (my home computer is dead and we don't have sound here at work).

    Wanted to let you know that LuLu and little Maria are actually getting along fine - last night, they were doing a little bit of playing together! LuLu still has to hiss every once in a while to remind Maria who is boss, but overall they are doing great (I'm so relieved!).

  4. Kathy (Trekcapri)May 28, 2008 at 7:00 PM

    Hi Annie, no biggie. I'm sorry to hear about your computer. I would be so bummed without a computer at home. I'm no Steven Spielberg, but creating the video was something I've been wanting to do because it was fun and I think the Cinque Terre is just so beautiful.

    I am so glad to hear that little Maria and Lulu played a little last night. I think it's so cute that Lulu still has to hiss a little to show Maria who's the boss. I'm sure in no time they will be playing more and more and the hissing will eventually go away, unless rambunctious little Maria does something to give Lulu a good reason to hiss at her! :)

  5. I loved watching the video! I'm using my brother's computer while I'm in Atlanta and there's no sound so I'll have to watch it again as soon as I get home. I've been to Cinque Terre twice but only hiked the easy trail - Via dell'amore - because I'm afraid of heights. So watching this video gave me an idea of the trails and maybe, just maybe, I'll try hiking another section of the trail next time.

  6. Kathy (Trekcapri)May 28, 2008 at 8:50 PM

    Thanks Maria, actually you're probably not missing much on the sound. I really have to learn not to talk so much while video taping! :)

    That's great if you can go back again. It's so beautiful there and my friend and I had so much fun.


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