Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Going Live . . .

Welcome to my new Travel Blog, which I created exclusively to post live accounts while traveling. For the past two trips, I have been unable to blog on my main website. For example, I just recently returned from spending two weeks in Hawaii (visiting family). It would've been so cool to be able to blog and post live photos like this one of Turtle Island on Oahu.

I'm currently planning my next big trip to Europe, which you can find out all about on my main website. Once I'm on the road, I'll use this blog to provide LIVE accounts of my experiences. I think that keeping a travel blog will help me to journal my thoughts and feelings while traveling. It will also help me to remember the places I'll be visiting, the food/drinks that I'll be sampling and the wonderful people that I'll have the pleasure of meeting along the way.

I'll go LIVE and post again once I hit the road on my next trip! For more of my trip planning notes, go to KATHY'S TRAVEL LINKS (on the right) and click on MY NEXT TRIP. Also check out my favorite travel website, SLOW TRAVEL. I would not be able to plan my trips without this valuable resource or without the support of the awesome group of Slow Travelers from their Community Message Board. Visit SLOW TALK and you'll see what I mean.

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